Hours after tweeting a picture taken by Rahul Gandhi's father and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi of Ladakh's Pangong Tso lake, the Congress leader now launched a fresh attack on Narendra Modi, saying the Prime Minister has publicly supported China's claim.

rahul gandhi
Rahul Gandhi launches a fresh attack on PM Narendra Modi.

Taking to Twitter, Rahul Gandhi wrote, "China took our land. India is negotiating to get it back. China says it's not Indian land. PM has publicly supported China's claim. Why is PM backing China and not India and our army?"

Take a look at Rahul Gandhi's tweet here:

Rahul Gandhi tweet

The former Congress president has also attached a news report with his tweet that read: "India demands PLA's withdrawal from Pangong Tso area during top-level military talks".

Earlier today, Rahul Gandhi tweeted a photo questioning the Modi government on Chinese aggression. "We stand united against Chinese aggression. Has China occupied Indian territory?" asked Rahul Gandhi in Hindi with the picture, captioned "Photo Credit: Rajiv Gandhi".

Gandhi has been keeping up with his attack on PM Modi. He tweets daily targeting the Prime Minister and the Modi government over the India-China crisis at the Ladakh border, especially since the June 15 fight, in which 20 Indian troops were killed in action.

A few days back, Gandhi took a swipe at PM Modi, sharing a report from a foreign publication, saying "Narendra Modi Is actually Surender Modi". Even, the Congress leader posted a report by the Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times that praised the Prime Minister for his comment.