Responding to Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's tweet on why were the Indian soldiers sent "unarmed" to martyrdom, India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Thursday, June 18, said that all troops on border duty always carry arms, especially when leaving post.

S Jaishankar
External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar.Reuters

"Let us get the facts straight. All troops on border duty always carry arms, especially when leaving post. Those at Galwan on 15 June did so. Long-standing practice (as per 1996 & 2005 agreements) not to use firearms during faceoffs," read the EAM's tweet.

The External Affairs Minister said the troops were armed but followed protocol not to use firearms.

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Who sent unarmed Indian soldiers? Asks Rahul Gandhi

Jaishankar replied to the former Congress president's video interview posted on Twitter questioning the Narendra Modi government on who sent the soldiers unarmed and who was responsible for their deaths.

In a video message on Twitter, Rahul Gandhi trained guns at the Modi government, saying China has committed a "big mistake" by killing the unarmed Indian troops. Gandhi questioned the Indian soldiers unarmed and also asked who was responsible for their deaths.

"By killing the unarmed soldiers of India, China has committed a big mistake. I want to ask who sent them unarmed towards the danger and why, who is responsible?" the Congress leader asked in a video message.

"How dare China kill our unarmed soldiers? Why were our soldiers sent unarmed to martyrdom?" Rahul Gandhi questioned the government in a tweet.

India China clash at LAC

Twenty Indian Army personnel were killed by the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in an unprecedented attack in Galwan Valley in eastern Ladakh.

The Indian troops were massively outnumbered by the Chinese army. However, over 40 Chinese soldiers suffered "proportionate casualties", but chose not to speculate on the exact figure.

The Major general-level talks from both sides remained inconclusive on Wednesday and the talks will again resume today (June 18).