10 January

Over one million people are expected to join a rally in Paris on Sunday as a show of unity following the two-day terror siege in the heart of France.

While the two brothers involved in the Charlie Hebdo shootings and  another man behind the killing of a policewoman and the grocery siege were killed on  Friday, France is still on edge, as an armed woman, believed to be the wife of the third suspect, is still at large.

Hayat Boumeddiene, said to be the partner of Amedy Coulibaly who was killed in a police raid at a kosher store in Paris, is still on the run, while police also believe that the two had called on other accomplices to launch similar attacks.

Who is Hayat Boumeddiene? Most Wanted Woman in France

 French police had ended two terror sieges on Friday, in which four people were also killed. 

9 January

France's terror siege seems to have ended after two days as police forces killed the two brothers involved in the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

Five people, including the gunman, were reportedly killed in a hostage crisis at a kosher grocery in Paris on Friday.

9.55 pm (IST): The suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shooting have reportedly been killed after the police launched an attack on the building they were holed in. The people in both hostage situations have reportedly been freed.

9.46 pm (IST): Explosions have also reportedly been heard near the kosher market where a gunman has taken several hostages. 

9.45 pm (IST): Security forces have reportedly begun an assault on the building where the two Charlie Hebdo attack suspects have taken a hostage near Paris. 

9.40 pm (IST): Explosions were heard and smoke was seen at the site where the two Charlie Hebdo attack suspects are holed in near Paris.

7.55 pm (IST): The hostage-taker at the kosher grocery is said to be the suspect from the fatal shooting of the policewoman, which in turn has been linked to the Charlie Hebdo attack that occurred on Wednesday, officials have said. 

7.30 pm (IST): The Council of Jewish Institutions in France (CRIF) urged Jews in France to "stay safe and avoid taking risks" following a hostage crisis at a kosher bakery in Paris.

"Our prayers and thoughts are with the hostages at the Hyper Cacher in Vincennes and in Dammartin," the council tweeted.

7.16 pm (IST): A man and a woman have been named in connection with the fatal shooting of a policewoman on Thursday at Montrouge.

Amedy Coulibaly, 32, and Hayat Boumeddiene, 26, are said to be "armed and dangerous", according to the police, and reports suggested that the gunman is linked to the hostage crisis in the kosher grocery.

7.00 pm (IST): Two people are feared killed by a gunman who has taken hostages in a kosher grocery in Paris, according to AFP.

6.30 pm (IST): The gunman who has taken five hostages at a kosher grocery in Paris is believed to be the same suspect involved in the shooting of the policewoman on Thursday. Women and children are said to be among the hostages. 

6.15 pm (IST): A fresh shooting has been reported at a kosher grocery in Paris. One person has been injured in the new hostage crisis.

4.45 pm (IST): The French police have confirmed that Thursday's shooting of a policewoman in southern Paris was linked to the two brothers suspected in the Charlie Hebdo shooting on Wednesday, AFP reported. The suspect in the killing of the policewoman reportedly belongs to the same jihadist group as the Kouachi brothers.

3.55 pm (IST): The two brothers who are suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shooting have reportedly told police negotiators that they want to 'die as martyrs'. 

3.22 pm (IST): The gunmen are said to be holed up in a building for a small printing business not far from the Charles de Gaulle international airport.the airport has been partially closed. 

3.11 pm (IST): Even as operations continue to capture the terrorists suspected to be involved in the Charlie Hebdo shooting, the French police have also identified the suspect in the shooting of a policewoman on Thursday in southern Paris. The police officer died from injuries. 

3.06 pm (IST): Police operations are underway to 'neutralize' the suspects, as reports say that no casualties have been reported. 

2.42 pm (IST): Reports of some people being injured or even killed in the hostage crisis have emerged, according to France 24.

However, AFP has said that prosecutors have denied reports of casualties. 

2.35 pm (IST): Dammartin-en-Goele near Paris is in a lockdown as police have reportedly cornered the suspects who have taken at least one hostage. Schools in the area have been asked to keep students indoors. 

2.21 pm (IST): Police cars and helicopters have been sent to north-east of Paris where hostage crisis has been reported. At least one person has reportedly been taken hostage by the terror suspects. 

1.51 pm (IST): Hostages taken north-east of Paris, says AFP. 

Shots have been fired in a car chase in north-east of Paris, near where the two Charlie Hebdo shooting suspects are believed to be at large, AFP reported. 

11.18 am (IST): One of the two suspects in the Charlie Hebdo attack is said to have direct links with the al-Qaeda in Yemen, US official sources have reportedly said. 

Said Kouachi, 34, had reportedly travelled to Yemen in 2011. 

The hunt for the two suspects behind the Charlie Hebdo attack continued for the third day. 

The French police had launched a house-to-house hunt for the two gunmen on Thursday after they were reportedly sighted in north France. 

8 January

7.10 pm (IST): A Jihadist flag and Molotov cocktails have been found in the car which was abandoned by the Paris attackers, AFP reported.

6.00 pm (IST): An armed man is reportedly at large in La Defense, a major Paris business district, according to local reports. Employees have been urged to stay safe.

5.29 pm (IST): The two armed suspects seen earlier in northern France are reportedly heading towards Paris, local media have reported.

5.03 pm (ITS): The Guardian is reviewing security at its offices following the terror attack on the office of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo. 

Andrew Miller, chief executive of the Guardian Media Group, said in an email - 

"We are reviewing security at all Guardian buildings globally, although it is worth stressing that we have not received a threat and there is no reason to believe that we should do anything other than adopt a business as usual approach ... We will continue to monitor this developing situation and will let you know of any changes to our procedures or policies."

4.55 pm (IST): The Paris' Gare du Nord train station is being evacuated after a suspicious baggage was reported, as per reports. 

France has been under siege since Wednesday's terror attack, with a gunman also opening fire on a police officer in southern Paris on Thursday. The policewoman died form injuries. 

Policewoman Dies in Paris Shooting, Explosion at France Restaurant

4.50 pm (IST): The two suspects were spotted at a petrol station near Villers-Cotteret in the Aisne region, and the manager "recognised the two men suspected of having participated in the attack against Charlie Hebdo", sources told AFP.

The two armed suspects in the Charlie Hebdo shooting have reportedly been 'located' in northern France, after a day-long manhunt for the two brothers. 

The two brothers Said Kouachi and Cherif Kouachi, are said to be "on the loose, armed and dangerous.", and were reportedly seen in the city of Aisne, as per some reports.

"Two armed suspects in Paris magazine shooting 'located' in north France: sources," AFP tweeted. 

A third suspect, 18-year-old Hamyd Mourad had surrendered to the police on Wednesday.