With rise in robbery cases in the city, another incident of theft has taken place in 2nd stage, Mico Layout during the wee hours of October 4 in the absence of the owners. 

According to reports, the owners of the house were away for a couple of days when the neighbours witnessed some unusual sounds and torch lights movement in the house. The neighbours then reached out to a relative of the house owner who lives in Banashankari.

Robbery Mico Layout
Robbery caught on camera in Bengaluru's Mico Layout:Screengrab

In the CCTV footage, the relative is seen rushing towards the house on his two-wheeler and tried to catch hold of the robbers as a scuffle broke out between them. The robbers were seated in a parked car and drove away once everyone was alerted. 

Robbers on the prowl, stay alert

With robbers on the prowl in the city, you might want to take extra precautions even while you are at home. At times thieves disguise or arrive at your doorstep for sales or help, you might encounter such situations but staying alert is the key. 

Outside main gates, security measures are needed to be improved to keep criminals out. Alarm systems, CCTV and even dogs can give an early warning of and deter intruders. If you are leaving for work or a vacation for days, you might as well want to inform your neighbours, relatives or friends about your absence. 

Robbers are usually equipped with objects or weapons and they might attack you when caught off guard. So do yourself a favour and inform the Bengaluru Police while you find yourself in that position.