After the sad demise of Legendary singer, SP Balasubramaniam tributes have not stopped pouring in from across the county. A recent image surfaced on social media falsely claiming that a junction of a road in Bengaluru was renamed after the singer in order to pay tributes to him. 

SP Balasubramaiam road
Photoshopped image of SP Balasubramaniam road circulates social media.Image: Twitter

The Claim

Initially, the image was circulated as a road renamed after SPB in the vicinity of Corporation Circle and Hudson Church in Bengaluru. After which netizens shared the same picture claiming that the road was renamed in the Kengeri area after the beloved singer. 

A Twitter account shared this image with the caption, "Road next to Corporation Circle named after SP Balasubramaniam." The post was eventually taken down. On Facebook too, an Entertainment website shared the image claiming that BBMP Commissioner had named a road after SPB. 


The Truth

International Business Times, India decided to find out the truth behind the road renamed after the legendary singer. After speaking to the civic body Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) it is has been confirmed that no SP Balasubramaniam Road does not exist or renamed in and around Corporation Circle. 

A close look at the image shows that the name SP Balasubramaniam has also been photoshopped with precision. Apart from that, the address was also run through Google Map search and did not reveal any such location in Bengaluru. 

Also, information is awaited from the BBMP Additional Commissioner on the same. 

(to be updated) 

Claim reviewed :

Fact-check: No, there is no SP Balasubramaniam road in Bengaluru; photoshopped images circulated as road named after him

Fact Check :