As the coronavirus pandemic continues to wreak havoc in all nooks of the planet, a section of conspiracy theorists has bizarrely claimed that the virus outbreak was predicted by Stanley Johnson, father of Boris Johnson, in a book published in 1982.

Did Stanley Johnson predict coronavirus outbreak?

The seemingly outlandish claims were shared on Facebook by a conspiracy theorist who goes by the name Scott L Biddle. In his post, Biddle claimed that the rise of coronavirus in the planet was predicted by Stanley Johnson in his book 'The Virus' published in 1982.


According to Biddle, the way in which Stanley Johnson narrated the virus outbreak in his book is very similar to the coronavirus outbreak.

"A book called, "The Virus", was published in 1982 foreshadowing the coronavirus pandemic we are living through today. Some of the book's highlights include; Pandemic started by an animal overseas, A vaccine is the only way to save everyone, A "fumbling" President that is made fun of and mocked, and a second wave," wrote Biddle on his Facebook page.

Biddle also alleged that the recent coronavirus outbreak was planned by elites. Citing numerological signs, Biddle claimed that Boris Johnson's rise to power was pre-planned.

"Some of you will blow this off as a coincidence, while others will see how the coronavirus has been planned for decades. Why 1982 for the publish year? Add 1+9+8+2 and you come up with 20 - aka 2020 the year of the outbreak. Boris was elected Prime Minister on 7/23/2019, exactly 161 days before the coronavirus was announced on 12/31/2019. 161 days decodes to 911 aka the second 9/11 is the coronavirus. You can bet Boris was handpicked 30 years ago to be in office today! There are no coincidences this large, our world is staged in every way imaginable," added Biddle.

YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS - BUT IT'S TRUE! A book called, "The Virus", was published in 1982 foreshadowing the coronavirus...

Posted by Scott L. Biddle on Monday, 12 October 2020

Stanley Johnson's book 'The Virus'

Stanley Johnson's The Virus was a very popular book upon its release. In the book, Johnson narrated the story of an epidemic outbreak, when a woman who travelled to Europe comes back to New York after being infected with the virus.

Epidemiologist Lowell Kaplan soon found that the woman was infected with the Marburg virus. The epidemiologist soon begins his journey to trace down the origin of this epidemic.