Bill Gates
Bill GatesCreative Commons

As the novel coronavirus is spreading havoc in all nooks of the world, Microsoft co-founder and billionaire Bill Gates has predicted the probable end date of this deadly pandemic. Gates revealed this probable timeline while talking with Fox News.

Bill Gates' prediction on coronavirus

During the talk, Bill Gates revealed that the world will become semi-normal by summer 2021, but the pandemic will not completely go away until 2022. However, he admitted that the end of this pandemic in 2022 is a best-case scenario.

"The end of the epidemic? Best case is probably 2022. But during 2021, the numbers – we should be able to drive them down if we take the global approach. So, you know, thank goodness vaccine technology was there, that the funding came up, that the companies put their best people on it. That's why I'm optimistic this won't last indefinitely," said Gates.

Gates also urged the US Food and Drug Administration to approve three or four vaccine formula to contain the pandemic effectively.

Did US Fail in containing coronavirus?

During the talk, Bill Gates admitted that the United States has been doing a poor job in containing coronavirus since the outbreak, and made it clear that countries like South Korea and Australia have done a remarkable job in combating the spread of the pandemic.

The remarks from Bill Gates come at a time when the United States hit the milestone of 2,00,000 death cases in the country. The number of positive cases in the country has also crossed 7.3 million.

Earlier, Anthony Fauci, one of the key members of the White House's coronavirus task force had claimed that COVID-19 is a perfect storm with no end in near sight. The top expert also warned that strict social distancing measures and widespread usage of masks, along with the development of an effective vaccine could slow down the spread of the pandemic.