The extremely popular Netflix original series Black Mirror has been able to get people worldwide hooked on its science-fiction based technological advancements of the future – especially wondering what the outcome could be if those incidents happened in real life.

Perhaps seeking inspiration from the post-apocalyptic Black Mirror episode The Metalhead (Season 4 Episode 6), a recent video of a four-legged robotic dog that has surfaced on the internet and managed to elicit equal amounts of awe and concern among Netizens as they are torn between deciding if this "good boy" will end up being man's best friend or a potential threat!

Known as the SpotMini, the robotic canine was developed by Boston Dynamics and now moves just like a dog. But the shocking new update with an arm-like extension from its head is what enables the robot to even reach out for latches and open doors — as is shown in the viral video.

In the 45-second video titled told "Hey buddy, can you give me a hand?", the faithful one walks over to the door before it realizes it can't get through. But another SpotMini comes to its rescue and does the creepy arm extension gesture — helping his friend pass.

robot dog
Boston Dynamics created Spot Mini is a robotic dog that can now open doors.YouTube screenshot

Eliott Higgins, visiting research associate with Kings College London, posted the video on Twitter with the caption: "The latest update from our future robot overlords."

Under the YouTube upload of the same video, a slew of comments poured in, with one particular concerned person commenting: "Doors can no longer stop them, we're doomed."

The video just adds to the alarming concerns of experts in the field of robotics development and artificial intelligence, as they have already warned that robots may soon put all humans out of employment and end up being the most powerful and dangerous "life force" on Earth, as reported.

As is clear from this video, a future where artificial intelligence and robots have completely taken over does not seem all that far away anymore. It is almost scary to think of all the negative uses this robo-canine could be put to use to, if not just save humans from being exposed to risks.

While they could also offer help to people with mobility problems or just carry out daily basic jobs that humans would want to avoid, it's all fun and games as long as it doesn't turn into an invincible killing machine like the robot-animal from the Black Mirror episode.