Artificial Intelligence
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As glorious as the advent of artificial intelligence in almost every aspect of modern life seems, could you imagine not having a job in the near future because – as expected – robots and computers have completely dispelled the need for humans in basic jobs?

As per a new report, one out of five jobs in British cities is most likely to become obsolete by 2030 due to advanced automation and globalisation. And this is going to hit jobs pertaining to retail, customer service and even warehouse services the most, said Centre for Cities, which studies economic growth and its effects in the UK.

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The North and Midlands are more at the risk of job losses than the wealthier cities of the South, a Daily Mail Online report quoted the organisation as saying. Mansfield, Sunderland and Wakefield are among the cities that could definitely go through 40 percent job loss, while Oxford and Cambridge are at a risk of losing up to 13 percent.

While the chances of jobs being created are also there, these would be largely in low-skilled occupations in Northern and Midlands' cities. Also, up to 10 percent jobs are expected to grow with industries bringing in positions that currently do not exist.

Centre for Cities Chief Executive Andrew Carter said: "Automation and globalisation will bring huge opportunities to increase prosperity and jobs, but there is also a real risk that many people and places will lose out.

Artificial Intelligence
Better investment in AI and effective human-machine collaboration can help businesses boost revenues by huge margins, new reports say.Creative Commons

"National and local leaders need to ensure that people in cities across the North and Midlands can share in the benefits these changes could offer. That means reforming the education system to give young people the cognitive and interpersonal skills they need to thrive in the future, and improving school standards, especially in places where jobs are most at risk."

Speaking about the need for growth when it comes to adapting to these technological advancements, Carter said: "We also need greater investment in lifelong learning and technical education to help adults adapt to the changing labour market, and better retraining for people who lose their jobs because of these changes.

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"The challenges and opportunities ahead for Blackburn are very different to those for Brighton. The Government needs to give cities more powers and resources to tackle the issues that automation and globalisation will present, and to make the most of the benefits they will bring."