BJP lawmaker from Honnali Legislative constituency, Renukacharya threatened the Muslim community.Twitter

Raking up another controversy, MP Renukacharya, BJP MLA and political secretary to Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa said, "There are few traitors who sit in a masjid and write fatwas. They collect weapons inside the mosque instead of praying. Is this why you want a Masjid."

Renukacharya, who his famous for his controversial statements, has targeted the Muslim community at a rally in support of the new citizenship law in Karnataka's Davanagere on Monday (January 20).

The BJP lawmaker from Honnali Legislative constituency also threatened the Muslim community and said he won't hesitate to use the money allotted to Muslims for Hindus. "I will resort to such politics in my taluk where the money allotted for Muslims can be used for Hindus. I will put you [Muslims] in your place and show what politics is," said Renukacharya.

BJP MLA defiant, justifies comment

Justifying his statement, Renukacharya said: 'I am saying what I have seen and believe and I stand by my statement."

The BJP leader didn't make the communal remarks targeting the minority community for the first time. Earlier, Renukacharya wrote to the Chief Minister seeking action against an estimated 50,000 illegal immigrants from Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afghanistan who have settled in various parts of the state. He alleged that these people were indulging in anti-social activities and causing social disharmony. He urged the Chief Minister to take legal action against such people.