Kaushal Manda joining the BJP in the present of president JP Nadda
Kaushal Manda joining the BJP in the present of president JP NaddaCollage of her Instagram photos

Kaushal Manda, the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2, was immensely trolled after he joined the Bharatiya Janata Party and some of his fans were trolling the trolls in return. But the actor has requested his fans not to use abusive language for his naysayers.

Along with his wife Neelima, Kaushal Manda officially joined the BJP in the presence of JP Nadda, the interim president of the party, in Delhi on Saturday. Later, he took to Instagram to share a video of his entry into the party. He also said that he took the decision after he got motivated and inspired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's vision.

Besides sharing the video, Kaushal Manda wrote, "I always want to be the person who not only reacts on every ongoing issue in the country but would always want to convert some great ideas into reality so as to tackle with it... *Here I am joining BJP after getting motivated & inspired by Modi Ji's Vision*. Yes, the entire nation is blessed to have a dynamic leader like Modi Ji who has always been like a back bone of our country...(sic)"

"This incredible journey of him from being chaiwale to Prime Minister has always inspired me... He is a strong man, kind-hearted and does n't shy away from making quick decisions in the national interest. I feel so honoured, grateful and thankful for having got this oppurtunity to work under the leadership of him in his party.... I would also like to thank amit shah ji, JP Nadda ji and Khanna laxmi Narayana Garu for this... #BharateeyaJanathaParty #BJPForIndia #NaMo #NarendraModi (sic)," he wrote/

Kaushal Manda and his wife Neelima also visited Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha during their Delhi trip. He shared a photo featuring them posing outside the parliament and wrote, "It's an amazing experience watching Lok sabha and Rajya sabha live.. #kaushalmanda #parliamenthouse #parliament."

Kaushal Manda with his wife Neelima after joining the BJP
Kaushal Manda with his wife Neelima after joining the BJPCollage of his Instagram photos

Kaushal Manda has earned a massive amount of fans across the globe with the matured decisions he took during his stint on Bigg Boss Telugu 2. It has been more than a year after he came out of the show, but his fan following is intact. In fact, it is growing with each passing month. While many of his fans were impressed by his latest decision, some people expressed displeasure and resorted to troll him

Bhavanigr05: Congratulations and all the best for your further good decisions sir..God always support to the person like you ..

Achyuthjavvaji_aj: Supporting BJP is the worst decision you made, really disappointed

Aan_jay_19: If it comes to service through party.... I wont follow u as bjp kaushal... I js wanna u as kaushl

Chakri_dev: Is there any need to join a political party for serving people? You can do that without joining also.

Some of his fans were upset with other fans, who trolled and criticized Kaushal Manda joining BJP. They used abusive language to silence his naysayers. After seeing this, Kaushal Manda took to Instagram to request his fans to avoid abusive language, as there are many female followers for him.

Kaushal Manda wrote, "Requesting all my dear followers & fans, Please do not use any abusive language in replying to any negative comments. if you want to answer them, answer them in proper way or else just ignore. Because there are many sisters & mothers who follow me for some good reason & they respect me so we cannot cause them any inconvenience. If at all they feel happy trolling me then let them troll how much they want to troll, i don't really care, i am not the one who closes the door and cry over those negative comments of course that won't bother me, instead i always feel like bouncing back more stronger like never before...Love you all #kaushalmanda #kaushalarmy. (sic)"