Himaja Reddy and Kaushal Manda
Himaja Reddy and Kaushal MandaScreenshot of hotstar video

The 55th episode of Bigg Boss Telugu 3 has sparked a debate on social media whether Himaja Reddy is imitating and emulating the game plans of Kaushal Manda, who is the winner of season 2.

Himaja Reddy is one of the 10 contestants who are currently residing inside the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 3. She was nominated for elimination along with four other housemates in the eighth week. Host Akkineni Nagarjuna announced on Saturday that she is out of danger zone.

Before this, Nagarjuna lashed out at Mahesh Vitta, Sreemukhi, Punaranavi Bhupalam and Shilpa Chakravarthy for their mistakes during the captaincy task inside the house earlier this week. Later the host gave a task, which needed each housemate to name two biggest actors in the house and give their reasons.

Himaja Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 house
Himaja Reddy in Bigg Boss Telugu 3 houseScreenshot of hotstar video

Vithika, Baba Bhaskar, Punarnavi and Sreemukhi named Himaja Reddy and quoted her confusing bad temper as the reason for it. Himaja tried to defend a couple of times in her own style.

But after seeing this episode, some viewers have felt the Himaja Reddy is trying to copy Kaushal Manda's ways. Like him, she is also trying to project herself as innocent, lonely and oppressed by other housemates. She is trying to gain sympathy of the viewers.

Here is what audience is saying about Himaja Reddy emulating Kaushal Manda on Twitter.

Life is funny @Lifeisfunny18

One thing is clear Management and Nagarjuna at least supports Himaja. Now she should not play like Kaushal by being alone Copying Kaushal tactics won't work this year since 50 days are already wasted. #BiggBossTelugu3 One thing Himaja shouldn't do right now is be alone and play like Kaushal Copying Kaushal tactics won't work this year since people already saw that kind of game plan end 50 days are already wasted She needs to be friends with few people.

SaiMK @smkand25

Himaja ni target chestunnaru, corner chestunnaru, she is another kaushal .. saw lot of tweets today .. Not sure if her fans watched today's episode or some Season 2 episode with Himaja as Kaushal. Hallucinating. Antha target ayye goppa pani em cheyyalede #BiggBossTelugu3 Himaja fans are waiting for the S2 to repeat and they keep saying Himaja is getting targeted. May be she is creating that situation in the house . Fans like last season want to idolize her similar to Kaushal. Pls come out of S2 hangover. That was a classic #BiggBossTelugu3

రాజేష్ యెమికె @rajeshyemike

That was kaushal gesture from last season made by himaja at end? #BiggBossTelugu3


I m critical about Baba from beginning.himaja ni should watch out but eroju episode ni batti Chala Kaushal shades kanipinchai.lets see emavthundoo

Amu @Amu42406317

I have this feeling that himaja's recent behavior could be a strategy to wantedly make herself cornered by the HMs, so she can gain sympathy. Every1 knows what happened with kaushal. She knows she isn't 1st priority in the house and needs something going on #BiggBossTelugu3

Akash @ravitejarafa

sreemukhi nd himaja both are equally well prepared for #BiggBossTelugu3 but sreemukhi lost the track while himaja on better track..sure she adopted gameplay of the #BiggBossTelugu titan kaushal manda.

Veerender @Veeren11397

#BiggBossTelugu3 #himaja wanted ga andarito godava padi corner ayinatu chestumdi.. kaushal la cheyalani chostundi..

MC @yoursmicky

One thing i want to tell our #BiggBossTelugu3 Audience Plz dont create this sympathy for one HM and dont became gorrelu again Himaja's case is different of kaushal's HMs are not concerned her...they r confused with her

Garima @GR_NYORK

Himaja might be gud person in trying to emulate kaushal.she ended up being projected as self centric& selfish soul which backfired If she was the real as she is outside(jovial and sociable as per rohini)..she would surely reach finale...but its too late.. #BiggBossTelugu3

BiggBossTelugu @BiggBossTelug12

#BiggBossTelugu3 #Himaja = Kaushal? She tries to get along with ppl, he chose not to and told he is alone. He plays better in tasks. But Himaja never insulted ppl like he did to a few.

Raghu D Sharma @RaghuDasarathi

Himaja is trying imitate Kaushal But last season and this one is entirely differen Himaja need to mingle with other HM Last season audience had hate fr other contestants but this season there r sme really good HMs like Varun so Himaja tactics won't make her win #Biggbosstelugu3