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Kaushal Army is very upset with host Nani for insulting mothers on Bigg Boss Telugu 2. This group is apparently considering on filing a complaint against the actor-turned-host with the Hyderabad police station.

Allari Naresh and Sunil visited the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 to promote their recent release Silly Fellows. This special episode was aired on Star Maa on September 9. As part of its publicity, Nani had a fun game, which was about Naresh and Sunil's fight over their ancestors' property. He split all the housemates into two groups and asked them to defend them, while he listened to their arguments.

Kaushal was in Sunil's team and he played the role of the latter's mother. The game went well with members sharing their views and enjoying. During this conversation, Nani asked Kaushal about her bonding with her husband. While Kaushal was explaining, Nani interrupted and asked why she adopted two boys.

Nani: What was the reason behind you adopting those two boys?

Kaushal: The reason for adopting is...

Nani (interrupts): Sparsha workout avvaledha (didn't you have the sense)

It all happened in a funny note, but Kaushal Army raised its voice against this issue a week after the episode. This group shared a clip of this scene and demanded an apology from host Nani. @kaushalarmy_ tweeted, "#Nani_SaySorry2Mothers otherwise you will face this outside"

A couple of Kaushal fans event went to report the matter to Hyderabad Police on Twitter and requested them to lodge a complaint against host Nani for insulting all the mothers. What is more interesting about the issue is that the police responded to them and asked them to file a written complaint.

Sahasra @Sahasra71512509

Exactly @hydcitypolice he had abused all d women publicly on a National TV channel which is actually not supposed to. Shame on @StarMaa @EndemolShineIND @bigbossTelugu

Sachin Avenger‏ @sachin2805117

#KaushalArmy should go ahead with Complaint .. Then Nani cant do anything.. Individual ga evarina pedite they will put pressure... #BiggBossTelugu2

Kaushal Army‏ @KaushalArmy_1

Why can't it be taken as sumto? Already videos were provided as proof. It was telecasted on TV. Why do you need a written complaint? #BiggBossTelugu2

It should be seen whether Kaushal Army, which is known for its crazy activities