Babu Gogineni seen arguing over Sanjana Anne's demand
Babu Gogineni seen arguing over Sanjana Anne's demandSnapshot of Hot Star video

A luxury budget task between Prabhu and Sevakulu groups sparked a fight in the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 on day 2. Babu Gogineni even went on to allege Sanjana Anne of harassment.

On the day 2, the housemates woke up to tunes of the song Iraga Iraga from Na Peru Surya. Later in the day, Sanjana Anne was seen talking to other housemates and expressing her frustration on being jailed for two days. Then, big boss announced her release and asked her to select 7 housemates. She chose Tanish, Tejaswi, Sunaina, Ganesh, Kaushal, Geetha Madhuri and Samrat.

Kireeti read out a letter with details about the luxury budget task Cheppandi Prabhu. Sanjana and 7 members selected by her belonged to the 'Prabhu' group, while the rest became Sevakulu (servants). As per the rules of the task, Sevakulu were barred from sleeping on their beds and eating in plates. They have to eat in the banana leaves and that too only after Prabhu group.

On the other hand, Prabhu team had the rights to command the sevakulu group and assign them work of their choice. Prabhu group members were entitled to 3 votes (a like, unlike and heart) each and they could award them to the Sevakulu based on their performance. The luxury budget and captaincy depended on the performance on the task.

Sanjana Anne asked for a head massage and she insisted on Babu Gogineni doing it. But Babu Gogineni refused to serve her and accused her of harassment. He said he is not bothered, if she gives him 'unlike'. Speaking about their boundaries, he said that the Prabhu group is not eligible for being owners and they lack co-ordination in the team.

Tejaswi Madivada was angry with Sanjana after she found the latter was awarding votes to Sevakulu on behalf of the group. She advised her group to give a fair treatment to the Sevakulu. But Prabhus were upset with her softness towards Sevakulu. They got into a heated argument with her and they tried to make her realize her about their rights and the rules of the task.

However, Babu Gogineni's logical argument has impressed many viewers, who took to Twitter to praise him. A fan with the handle‏ @RohitSuperMan_ tweeted, "Oka two weeks ayyaka Weak antha eliminate avtharu. Then It will be fun And i am sure gogineni Will make it upto top 5 atleast (logics tho kotti ostaru andulo doubt ledu) and even Tejaswi ... If geetha madhuri picks up ..she will be another game saver #BiggBossTelugu2"