Host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Host Nani on Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

Actor Nani, who is hosting Bigg Boss Telugu 2, was furious over some netizens for abusing Tejaswi Madivada and other contestants and he could not stop hurling his anger against those people.

Ever since it went on air, Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has been creating ripples in social media channels like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram with many viewers often getting into fights and arguments over various issues. Of late, a few crazy fans were busy attacking some contestants especially Tejaswi. Upset with her overacting, they were abusing her and asked Bigg Boss to eliminate her from the show.

A team of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 has been observing all the activities related to the show since its launch. Recently, the team created a report of the same and present it to host Nani, who was appalled by the response. After elimination of Tejaswi on Sunday, the host addressed the viewers and expressed his disappointment with some viewers over their bad behaviour. Here is the complete speech.

As a host of Bigg Boss Telugu, I have been performing my duty. But today, I want to tell something to you as human being. Bigg Boss team recently showed me the presentation of how the show has been doing, since its launch and what kind of response has been getting especially on social media. Three days ago, I got to see what kind of tweets are posted and what is being spoken about the housemates.

I was disgusted and very angry to see the report. It is common to talk about whether I like or don't like a particular contestant. It is also common to express your views to eliminate certain housemate. It is also right to express why you don't like a contestant. I also accept somebody saying, "Babu! I don't want this contestant inside the house. Please send him out of Bigg Boss Telugu 2.

You have right of expression and you can talk anything. I was disgusted to see the kind of indecent words and language used against some contestants especially Tejaswi. I am very much bothered about it. Are you guys staying amidst us in this society? I am really feel sorry to think about it. Those are all indecent and disgusting words, which I can't even mention here. It is heroism to say something immediately.

We are all human beings first. Each one of us will commit mistakes in life. I am telling you this because you should not feel ashamed when you look back at that moment (mistake). If you keep such a hatred in your heart, one day the same hatredness will finish you off. This is game show. Thank you so much if you felt that as a brother, I told you some good words. It is your Karma, if you feel who I am to tell you.