Deepthi, Ganesh and Bhanu Sree on Bigg Boss Telugu 2
Deepthi, Ganesh and Bhanu Sree on Bigg Boss Telugu 2Snapshot of Hot Star video

Actress Bhanu Sree has been eliminated from the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 in the fifth week, while Deepthi and Ganesh remained safe inside the Nani-hosted reality TV show this weekend.

10:45 pm: Bhanu mentions that Roll Rida is the source of energy to the teammates in the Bigg Boss show. She leaves by dropping the BIG BOMB on Kaushal and Amit. Kaushal has to serve a specific chair and has to carry it wherever Amit wants to be seated. Amit is not supposed to sit in any other place other than the only chair he chose. The Bigg Boss show ends with Bhanu's exit from the show.

10.30 pm: Bhanu Sree is on stage and Nani shows the AV of her journey inside the house. Bhanu leaves a message to each person. She consoles Deepti Sunaina and Amit as they get emotional on her elimination. She advices Deepti not to perform for the sake of gaining popularity, but for the sake of task.

10.10 pm: After the fun task, Nani reveals that Bigg  Boss Telugu has received over 6 crore votes this week. Deepti and Ganesh are informed that they are in the protected zone. Bhanu Sree evicted, Nani asks her to pack her bag. Amit gets very emotional, along with the other contests. Bhanu leaves to join Nani hurriedly. She bades a bye to her friends in the Bigg Boss House and leaves.

10.08 pm: Nani trying to keep the contestants more involved in the fun game was really entertaining. Babu Gogineni is asked to dance for, which turned out to be hilarious. Roll Rida was kept for a longer time on the ice cube, while Nani was trying to pull his legs with his spontaneous sarcasm. Sunaina was made fun of, for her enacting. The teammates had a rub-ticking fun, with her trying to enact the songs given to her. Deepti and Bhanu performed well, with Nani cheering them all. A song was played at the end of the task, and the whole Bigg Boss house turned out to be a fun place. With all the contestants dancing and enjoying, comes the next episode- the results of the weekend nominations.

9.07 pm: Nani has started Sunday episode and given a task to the housemates. As it was a serious episode yesterday, the host started off with a fun event today. Each contestant is asked to enact two songs, one is to be identified by the contestants, while the other song is to be identified by the host Nani.

9.10 pm: The fun task started off with Geeta Madhuri's enacting. All the contestants try their best to convey the songs via enacting. All the contestants, along with Nani have so much fun. The episode turns very entertaining, as the other contestants and Nani create so much fun while guessing the songs.

Bigg Boss held the nomination process in a unique way on Monday. He got a phone booth installed in the garden area of the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Housemates received a call from him and they were given a task. Participants had to get the task done by a contestant nominated by the Bigg Boss.

Most of the housemates were successful in getting the tasks done, but two contestants failed. To save herself, Deepthi had to ask Nandini to convince Kaushal to nominate himself for elimination every week till the end of the show. On the other hand, Bhanu Sree had to make Amit Tiwari remove his headgear and also sacrifice his captainship throughout this season. Both of them could not get their task done.

Bhanu Sree and Deepthi were nominated for elimination from Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Ganesh was successful in getting his task done by Babu Gogineni, but he was forced to self-nominate by Roll Rida. One of these three housemates will be seen walking out of the house on Sunday night.

IBTimes India held a poll to decide on who should be sent out of the house of Bigg Boss Telugu 2. Thousands of viewers cast their votes many want Bhanu Sree to leave the show. The buzz on the social media claims that Nani has also decided to eliminate her.

Bigg Boss Telugu 2 week 5 elimination - IBTime poll results
Bigg Boss Telugu 2 week 5 elimination - IBTime poll results

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