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Human rights activist Babu Gogineni, who was eliminated from Bigg Boss Telugu 2, made sensational comment, saying that Kaushal Army wasn't formed because of Kaushal popularity.

Ever since Bigg Boss Telugu 2 started, Kaushal Army has been creating ripples in the social media for one or other reason. As it nears its finale, this fan group is leaving no stone unturned to make Kaushal winner of the show.

This group has turned notorious bullying fans of other contestants and also threatening the bosses of this reality TV show. Its activities are now talk of the town, with many celebs showing liking for Kaushal.

In a recent interview, Babu Gogineni expressed his displeasure over the alleged activities of Kaushal Army on the social media. "Kaushal Army wasn't formed because of Kaushal popularity. I want to see Kaushal get evicted from the show. Since day one he has been on the show. He must come out and see what Kaushal army is. How big the Kaushal army is," Sakshi quoted his statement.

Babu Gogineni added, "Kaushal is behind the formation of this fan army? What is Kaushal army? Just stop this nonsense. If you really have interest go and join the Indian Army and serve the country. Bigg Boss is just a reality game which will last for only a few days but not eternally. This kind of silly army must be removed."

Babu Gogineni had arguments with Kaushal on some occasions, when he was inside the house Bigg Boss Telugu 2. After his elimination, he gave interviews to several TV channels. In one of the interviews, he had said, "Kaushal will be the winner of Bigg Boss Telugu 2 without any doubt, because he has huge support inside and outside the house. I have seen it through voting process."