Bigg Boss Marathi, Sai Lokur, Megha Dhade, Pushkar Jog, Sharmishtha Raut, Aastad Kale, Smita Gondkar
Bigg Boss Marathi finalists - Sai Lokur, Megha Dhade, Pushkar Jog, Sharmishtha Raut, Aastad Kale, Smita GondkarColors Marathi

Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 has finally announced its six finalists - Sai Lokur, Megha Dhade, Pushkar Jog, Sharmishtha Raut, Aastad Kale and Smita Gondkar - in a dramatic way. In episode 94, Bigg Boss announced the names of the contestants who made it to the finale except Sai's name which made it look as if the latter's journey in the house was finally over. However, in a major twist to the show's format, Bigg Boss announced that Sai has become the sixth finalist of season 1 as the voting lines for mid-week eliminations never opened.

The road to the finale has become more competitive as six contestants will be go one on one against each other. Voting lines have now been opened for viewers to vote for their favourite contestants to save them getting eliminated and help them reach cross the finishing line making them the ultimate winner of the season.

Fans are currently rooting for their favourite contestants and had been voting ever since Bigg Boss Marathi announced the names of the finalists. For those, who are yet to be acquainted with the voting process, here is how you can vote for your favourite contestant and watch them lift the winning trophy. The show has been hosted by Mahesh Manjrekar.

Online voting through Voot official website

Step 1: Go to the given link to vote your favourite contestant
Step 2: Sign in with your Gmail, Facebook or Twitter account to vote
Step 3: Select your favourite contestant by clicking on it and click on submit button to cast your vote.

Online voting through Voot app

Step 1: Download the Voot App from your respective App Store.
Step 2: Register your email account by providing the required credentials or Simply sign up with your Google or Facebook account.
Step 3: Login with your registered account on the app.
Step 4: After the login, type "Bigg Boss Marathi Vote" on the search bar.
Step 5: Choose the contestant you want to vote for from the list of nominated contestants that appears with the images on the screen. Hit the 'Submit' button to save your favourite contestant from eviction.

Offline voting through a missed call

All you have to do is give a missed call on the unique voting number (toll-free) which is given to each contestant, and cast your vote.

Offline voting through SMS

Type the contestant code in your message box to whom you wish to save from eviction and send it to the Bigg Boss Marathi vote SMS number.