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Facebook: Bigg Boss Malayalam Fans

Five housemates - Aditi Rai, Pearle Maaney, Sabumon Abdusamad, Aristo Suresh, and Anoop Chandran were nominated for elimination last week by fellow contestants in Bigg Boss Malayalam. Mohanlal, the host of Bigg Boss is likely to announce the name of the person who will be evicted from the show today evening.

IB Times poll reveals that Pearle Maaney is the most likely contestant who will go out of the Bigg Boss house this evening. As per our poll, 30.45 percent of the readers strongly believe that Pearle deserves to be evicted from the game. 25.48 per cent of IB Times readers argue that Aditi Rai should go out from the house.

It seems Aristo Suresh is emerging as the strongest contestant of Bigg Boss Malayalam. As per our statistics, only 11.95 per cent of viewers want Suresh eliminated from the house this week. Sabumon Abdusamad and Anoop Chandran racked up 18.67 and 13.44 per cent elimination votes, respectively from the readers.

However, the official Asianet Bigg Boss poll stands in contrary with IB Times poll. As per Asianet official poll, Anoop Chandran or Sabumon Abdusamad are the most likely candidates who will be eliminated this week. In the meantime, a close source to the game exclusively informed us that there will be no elimination this week. Even though we cannot guarantee the absence of elimination this week, the chances of a contestant who will get evicted from the house this week is most unlikely.

Some people also speculate that Hima Shankar, one of the participants who was eliminated recently will make her comeback to the house using a wild card in this episode. After Hima's elimination, her involvement in social media platforms has garnered her a huge fan following, and this might help her to find a spot in the house again.

Yesterday, Mohanlal has revealed that the name of the contestant who will be eliminated from the house in the Sunday episode. Let us wait for some more hours to unfold the secrets surrounding the Bigg Boss Malayalam house elimination this week.