Big Boss

9.58 pm: Mohanlal re-enters the scene and gives a sneak peek of Deepan's performance in the last 27 days. Deepan now enters the Bigg Boss floor with Mohanlal, and he starts talking about his experiences. And interestingly, one more time, the predictions made by IB Times India regarding elimination became correct. Yesterday, IB Times had predicted that Sreelakshmi and Deepan are the most likely contestants who will get eliminated from the house.

9.45 pm: Archana is seen crying a lot along with Diya. Ranjini Haridas was seen consoling both Archana and Diya stating that it is just a game. Ranjini asked Archana that she should play on behalf of Deepan in the house. Even after repeated attempts to control the emotions, Archana and Diya were still seeing crying loudly like kids. Diya, at one point in time, behaved in a very melodramatic manner, by hitting her head with hands. Archana locked herself up in the bathroom, and many contestants asked her to open the door. Archana came out of the bathroom with wet eyes. Swetha and Diya Sana informed her that this is just a game.

9.44 pm: Pearle complained to Mohanlal that they did not even get a chance to say Bye to Deepan. Mohanlal told everyone that the nature of the game is like this, and there is no point in complaining. The star takes an advertisement break now.

9.42 pm: Bigg Boss holds the suspense, and even after announcing the elimination, it is still not unclear whether Deepan will be evicted from the house. All the audiences are now waiting to see Deepan in the house. Mohanlal now enters the scene, and informs everyone that Deepan is with him.

9.40 pm: After sometime, Bigg Boss called Deepan to the confession room. Deepan told Bigg Boss that he has learned many new lessons after entering the house. However, he made it clear that he lost his comfort zone while being in the house. "People start learning lessons while people come out of the comfort zone. While in the Bigg Boss house, I lost this, and I started learning new things. I saw many faces here, with different views and different opinions. I always believe in truthfulness, and I have tried to follow it to the maximum," said Deepan. Bigg Boss informed Deepan that he is out from the house as per the audience poll. Bigg Boss also added that he will not be able to meet any of the contestants in the future. Deepan informed everyone to love each other. "This is game. Be yourself. Do not lose your heart. Try to become the winner," Deepan told his best friend Archana. Bigg Boss later asked Deepan to come out of the Bigg Boss house through the exit door in the confession room.

9.36 pm: Bigg Boss later called Srinish to the confession room. Srinish informed Bigg Boss that he was reluctant to do the household works in the initial days. However, the serial actress made it clear that he became adapted to the situation in the course of time. When asked about the great lesson he learned from the Bigg Boss house, Srinish replied that all the people are different in this world, and this is the great message he understood from the house.

9.35 pm: Bigg Boss initially called Aditi to the confession room. Bigg Boss asked Aditi to share her experiences while inside the Bigg Boss house. Aditi replied that all the contestants should behave in the house like a family. She also revealed that different contestants are expressing their love in a different manner. "I was initially reluctant to talk with Ranjini Haridas. But later, when I talked to her, I came to know that she is a beautiful person. I am a person who follows my instincts. In this house, most of the housemates have given me enough love. And yeah, I forgot to tell Bigg Boss one thing, Aristo Suresh gave me fatherly love," said Aditi. Aditi also added that even the newcomer Shiyas is trying hard to make her happy.

9.30 pm: The Superstar revealed that he has discussed with Bigg Boss regarding the elimination, and has made a final judgment. Mohanlal informed Diya Sana that her captaincy ban has been removed, and from the next week, she can also compete in the contest. Mohanlal now asked Srinish, Aditi, and Deepan to stand up. The Bigg Boss host told the contestants that these three nominees will be interviewed with Bigg Boss in the confession room.

9.18 pm: Diya Sana told Mohanlal that she will be able to never become a captain again due to her failure in one of the tasks. The social activist revealed that she is very sad now, but made it clear that she expects a lot from Pearle. Pearle asked Mohanlal whether she can appoint Diya Sana as the assistant captain. Mohanlal told that it is her privilege to decide whether an assistant captain can be appointed. However, Mohanlal requested Pearle not to be biased while inside the house.

9.15 pm: Sabumon revealed that Pearle will be a good captain, who will not behave in a biased manner to any of the contestants. Basheer Bashi told Mohanlal that Pearle Maaney has changed a lot after she was elected as the captain. Mohanlal asked Pearle to charge each and every battery which is being installed in the bodies of the contestants inside the house.

9.12 pm: Pearle admitted that Srinish had given a ring to her. The starlet added that Srinish, an elimination nominee this week, should somehow stay in the house. Mohanlal asked Swetha Menon and all others to give maximum support to Pearle Maaney in the coming days.

9.09 pm: Shiyas told Mohanlal that Pearle is a sweet girl. Mohanlal asked Shiyas why he is changing opinions about people every now and then. The Superstar was indirectly referring to the fight Shiyas had with Pearle a few days back.

9.07 pm: Mohanlal now asks Ranjini regarding her opinion about Pearle Maaney. Ranjini revealed that Pearle Maaney is a good girl, and added that she has given all necessary advises to the 'Naayika Naayakan' anchor to survive in the house. As per Ranjini, Pearle Maaney has evolved as a strong contestant.

9.05 pm: Pearle replied that she is actually tensed. She made it clear that all the decisions should be taken after lots of thinking, as even a small fault in the decision-making process may hurt other contestants. Pearle Maaney also revealed that Anoop Chandran is providing her all the help to control the house as the new captain.

9.04 pm: Mohanlal now starts talking with the contestants. The 'Narasimham' actor revealed that more than 65 lakhs votes have been polled so far in Bigg Boss as of now. He made it clear that there are no small things in the home, but only big games to play. Mohanlal asked Pearle Maaney, the new captain to stand up, and asked whether she is happy with the new responsibility.

9.00 PM: Mohanlal enters the Bigg Boss floor wearing a black outfit. The Superstar started the episode with his routine philosophical talks, and made it clear that each of the contestants should be evicted from the house one day or the another. We can now see the emotional Adios given by the contestants to Sreelakshmi who was evicted in the last episode

The 29th episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam will be aired in Asianet at 09.00 PM today. Surprisingly, Mohanlal announced on the Saturday episode that Sreelakshmi has been eliminated from the house after the audience poll. While signing out yesterday's episode, host Mohanlal also revealed that contestants can expect more elimination in the Sunday edition.

Three nominees are now there in the elimination list; Deepan, Srinish, and Aditi. As per social media trends, Aditi will most likely enter the safe zone, but the chances of Srinish and Deepan are still doubtful. Mohanlal had many times made it clear that contestants who behave in an introvert manner in the house would get eliminated, and this adds up the worries for Deepan and Srinish.

However, a section of audiences strongly believes that no elimination will take place in the Sunday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam. As per these viewers, Sreelakshmi was the member who deserved to be eliminated from the house due to her gossiping attitude, and the remaining members deserve a spot in the house until they prove otherwise.

Let us wait for a few more minutes to see Mohanlal gracing the Bigg Boss floor with grace.