Bigg Boss
A screengrab from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

Mohanlal, the host of Malayalam Bigg Boss announced the name of the evicted housemate, much earlier than previously thought. In the past two weeks, Mohanlal used to announce the name of the eliminated contestant on the Sunday episodes, but this time, the Complete actor broke the suspense in the Saturday episode.

As IB Times predicted earlier, Sreelakshmi, daughter of legendary actor Jagathy Sreekumar was eliminated from the house.

Episode Recap

This week, Mohanlal entered the Bigg Boss house in a stylish avatar, wearing dazzling casuals. In the initial moments of the episode, he talked about the devastation caused by rain in Kerala. He also asked the contestants to stand up for two minutes to pray for the people who are suffering from heavy rain.

Later, Mohanlal criticized all the contestants who speak English inside the house. Ranjini Haridas told Mohanlal that she is speaking English unintentionally, and the Idea Star Singer anchor later made it clear that she will try to lessen this habit. Aristo Suresh mimicked Sivaji Ganesan upon Mohanlal's request, and it was well received by audiences and housemates alike.

After a few minutes, Mohanlal criticized Sabumon for throwing slippers at Pearle Maaney during the luxury task. Mohanlal also asked Pearle Maaney and Ranjini Haridas to keep aside their egoistic attitude while inside the house.

During the chat, the Malayalam Bigg Boss host also lashed out against the contestants who engage in gossiping sessions at 03.00 AM. With this remark, Mohanlal was indirectly referring to Sreelakshmi, Ranjini Haridas and Aditi who talked about a romantic relationship between Pearle and Srinish in the midst of darkness.

The inevitable elimination

Mohanlal, later revealed that Srinish, Deepan, Aditi and Sreelakshmi are in the list of elimination nominees this week. The host initially called Aditi and asked her to reveal the name of a person whom she is jealous of. Aditi revealed that she is jealous of Ranjini Haridas due to her strong stand on various issues.

Later, Mohanlal called Deepan, and asked the question, 'Who is the hero and who is zero?' Deepan revealed that Archana is the hero and Shiyas is the zero.

After calling Sreelakshmi, Mohanlal asked her to reveal the name of a person whom she will forget after leaving the house. Sreelakshmi revealed the name of Pearle Maaney stating that she is a dual-faceted girl. Pearle listened to the words of Sreelakshmi with tears in her eyes.

Soon, Mohanlal announced that Sreelakshmi is out of the house, and he asked her to pack the bags. Aristo Suresh started crying like a child, and everybody tried to console him. Sreelakshmi, after packing the bag left the house.