The seventh episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was very engaging, as two new contestants made their unexpected entry to the house. The new contestants are Firoz Khan, Sajna Firoz, and Michelle. While introducing the new contestants, Mohanlal revealed that Firoz and Sajna who are real-life couples will contest in the show as one contestant.

Michelle intentionally targets Dimpal Bhal

Dimpal Bhal has been the most popular contestant in the Bigg Boss Malayalam house from the very beginning, and the psychologist now enjoys a huge fan following in online spaces. Before entering the show using a wild card, Michelle has watched all the episodes of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, and it has apparently given her an idea regarding the nature of contestants. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam
Michelle (Left), Dimpal Bhal (Right)Disney Hotstar

After entering the show, Michelle tried her best to tarnish the image of Dimpal Bhal. At one point in time, Michelle claimed that Dimpal has over-dramatized her emotional story regarding her deceased friend. She also added that Dimpal is a clever player who has planned everything before entering the show. 

Bigg Boss Malayalam: The war begins

The first week of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was quite boring, as most of the contestants spent their time inside the house without any conflicts. However, the second week of the show is expected to be different as the new entrants have named Soorya J Menon, widely considered the weakest contestant as the captain of the house. The decision to name Soorya as the new captain has not gone well with several contestants, and it was clearly visible from the facial expressions of people like Bhagyalakshmi. 

In the meantime, Michelle, along with Firoz-Sajna, and Soorya J Menon might start a group of their own, and they may play new tactics to expel strong contestants like RJ Firoz, Bhagyalakshmi, and Dimpal Bhal. However, considering the present social media trend, Dimpal Bhal is expected to stay in the house until the grand finale.