Veteran dubbing artist Bhagyalakshmi was the last contestant to enter the Bigg Boss Malayalam house on its opening day. The participation of Bhagyalakshmi was expected, as she has been one of the most controversial figures in society post her manhandling case. After entering the show, Bhagyalakshmi talked about her longtime friendship with Mohanlal.

As Bhagyalakshmi narrated this, several netizens claimed that her professional relationship with the Superstar may compel him to act in a biased manner towards the dubbing artist. 

bhagyalakshmi mohanlal
Mohanlal (Left), Bhagyalakshmi (Right)Disney Hotstar

Will Mohanlal show bias in Bigg Boss Malayalam?

Unlike Salman Khan who hosts the Bigg Boss Hindi show, Mohanlal usually behaves in a cool manner, and most of the time, he used to interact with housemates as a friend. Swetha Menon was one of the contestants in the first edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam, and she is one of Mohanlal's friend in real life. However, during the show, Mohanlal treated her equally, and he did not act in a biased manner. 

As Bhagyalakshmi has entered the third edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam, audiences are urging Mohanlal to host the show in a fair manner, so that the dubbing artist will not get an upper hand in weekend episodes due to her friendship with the Mollywood superstar. 

Bhagyalakshmi's clever gameplay in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3

While talking to Mohanlal before entering the Bigg Boss Malayalam house, Bhagyalakshmi told the star that she will decide the style of gameplay after meeting with the contestants. 

"I will decide things according to circumstances. And, I am not a person who plans things and act. Definitely, I will use my years-long experience to become successful in this show. Of course, I have been successful in my career, this is for the first time I am playing a game in my life. I will decide later whether I should take a sword or not," said Bhagyalakshmi.