As India is trying hard to demolish caste discrimination in the country, Rithu Manthra, a Bigg Boss Malayalam contestant is facing the heat for her casteist remarks inside the house. In the latest episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, Manikuttan alleged that Rithu Manthra had used casteist remarks, and he sought apologies from the model. 

Rithu Manthra's irresponsible and senseless comments

During the weekly task, Manikuttan claimed that Rithu Manthra, at one point in time had delivered a senseless remark which goes against the standard of the house. 

Rithu Manthra
Rithu Manthra in Bigg Boss Malayalam 3Disney Hotstar

"Once, Rithu Manthra teased Majisiya Bhanu by repeatedly calling her Devaraja Prathapa Varma. As Majisiya asked Rithu to stop these comments, Rithu claimed that she had called her Varma, and not ***** (a reference to a lower caste)," said Manikuttan. 

As Manikuttan made this allegation, contestants like Sai Vishnu, Dimpal Bhal, and Adoni John lashed out at Rithu, and they demanded apologies. However, an adamant Rithu Manthra did not issue any apologies, and arrogantly claimed that she is still inside the house even after making such comments. 

Rithu Manthra also questioned Manikuttan and asked him why he did not react to this comment when he heard that initially. However, she finally admitted that she had made casteist remarks inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam house.  

Netizens lash out at Asianet and Banijay

As Rithu Manthra made a casteist comment inside the show, netizens are lashing out at Asianet and Banijay group for allowing such people inside the house. According to netizens, contestants like Rithu Manthra are not eligible to stay inside the Bigg Boss Malayalam house, and they are now urging Mohanlal to evict her from the show soon. 

"Contestants like Rithu Manthra do not deserve a place in Bigg Boss Malayalam house. Her comments come at a time when the entire nation is fighting casteism. Such a shame," commented Aswani Hareesh, an ardent Bigg Boss follower.