The Saturday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3 was loaded with several dramatic moments, as Mohanlal transformed himself into an angry man, a role which he has portrayed several times in his movies. In the initial moments of the episode, Mohanlal lashed out at Kidilam Firoz for calling Dimpal Bhal a 'special child'. 

Kidilam Firoz inside the house with Dimpal's mercy

During the episode, Firoz repeatedly claimed that Dimpal Bhal is trying to attain sentiments by portraying her physical condition. It should be noted that Dimpal Bhal is a cancer survivor, and she is leading her life as a warrior. However, Firoz claimed that Bigg Boss is favoring Dimpal Bhal, and he also added that the show organizers are giving captaincy tasks tailor-made for Dimpal. 

Mohanlal angry
Manikuttan(Left), Mohanlal (Right)Disney Hotstar

Hearing this, Mohanlal became very angry, and he revealed that each contestant is the same in the eyes of Bigg Boss. Mohanlal also asked Dimpal whether she wishes to evict Firoz from the house. 

Dimpal once again showed her genuineness by allowing Firoz to stay inside the house. 

"I definitely want him to continue. I forgive him not just that he really repents for what he did. I forgive him because my inner peace is more important," said Dimpal Bhal. 

Manikuttan weeps inside Bigg Boss house

Later, Mohanlal asked Ramzan Mohammed regarding the chappal throwing episode in Bigg Boss Malayalam. Mohanlal asked him to write an imposition on the board, and also asked him to jump in the swimming pool 14 times. 

Later, Mohanlal told Manikuttan sarcastically that he has become mentally unstable. Hearing these words from Mohanlal, Manikuttan became shell-shocked. Later, Mohanlal asked Manikuttan to go to the storeroom to collect a small chair. While in the storeroom, Manikuttan literally wept and seeing this, Mohanlal's eyes too became wet. It should be noted that Mohanlal and Manikuttan share good rapport in real life, and they have acted together in several movies including the upcoming flick Marakkar: Arabikkadalinte Simham.