The third edition of Bigg Boss Malayalam is progressing steadily, and this week, audiences saw some extreme violence during the weekly task. In the Thursday episode of Bigg Boss Malayalam 3, Ramzan Mohammed shockingly threw a chappal on Sai Vishnu, and it initiated a huge fight among contestants. 

Ramzan Mohammed's shocking act

In the weekly task named 'Naattukoottam', Sai Vishnu was seen addressing the housemates. As word war got heated up, Ramzan alleged that Sai Vishnu does not have any stand. Ramzan also added that Sai Vishnu who dreams to win the Academy Award for Best Actor literally failed to perform in the tasks given by Bigg Boss. 

Ramzan MohammedDisney Hotstar

After defending the allegations made against him, Sai Vishnu claimed that Ramzan Mohammed is a liar. Hearing this, an irked Ramzan threw chappal on Sai Vishnu, which fell on Manikuttan. Ramzan soon apologized for his act, and made it clear that he did not intend to throw the chappal on Manikuttan. As Kidilan Firoz tried to interfere, Manikuttan reacted strongly, and both of them engaged in a tough fight. 

Mohanlal should show the courage to eliminate Ramzan and Adoni

A few days back, Mohanlal had evicted the Firoz Khan-Sajna duo for making anti-feminist comments on the Bigg Moss Malayalam show. However, Ramzan Mohammed, apart from throwing chappal, had also made derogatory comments on womanhood. During the task, Sai Vishnu had claimed that Ramzan had called Remya Panicker a word that denotes cracker. 

Netizens have also started lashing out at Mohanlal, Asianet, and Banijay Group for taking a biased stand in the show. 

"What Ramzan Mohammed did is something unacceptable. He threw chappal, and he also insulted the glorious Indian womanhood. Firoz Khan-Sajna duo was evicted from Bigg Boss Malayalam citing the same reason. We hope our superstar Mohanlal will show the courage to evict Ramzan Mohammed for his irresponsible act. Moreover, he should also consider evicting Rithu Manthra for her casteist comments that happened recently," said Manu Mohanan, admin of a popular Bigg Boss Malayalam fan group on Facebook.