Bigg Boss Kannada 6 - Complete Contestant List
These are the contestants who are part of Bigg Boss Kannada 6.Colors Super Facebook Page

The sixth season of Bigg Boss Kannada was launched on Sunday, October 21. The inaugural episode was kick-started at 6 pm and wrapped up a little after 11 pm. The event had the presence of three former contestants - Shruthi, Nivedita Gowda and Arun Sagar, who used to ask questions to the participants and shared their views on the contestants' stay after they left the stage. Bigg Boss Kannada 6: Complete Profiles with Photos of 18 Contestants from Sudeep's show

The channel, as always, has tried to bring variety of contestants with different walks of life. There are a few popular names and some are lesser known celebrities along with commoners.

The prime attraction among the participants is Adam Pasha from LGBTQ community. It was a five-odd hour event packed full of entertainment.

Actress Sonu Patil, Andy aka Anderew (common man), actress Jayashree, RJ Rakesh, Oggarane Dabbi fame Murali, theatre artist Akshata Pandavapura (common man), cricketer Rakshita Rai (common man), RJ Rapid Rashmi, Adam Pasha (common man), Kavitha Gowda, actor and body-builder AV Ravi, Shashi Kumar (common man), Reema (common man), singer Naveen Sajju, actress Sneha Acharya, BMTC bus driver Anand (common man), actress Naina Puttaswamy and voice-over artist Dhanraj.

Meet the 18 Conestants here:

Live Updates:

18 contestants predominantly from the small screen and film industry are taking part in the Kiccha Sudeep-hosted show. Here, we bring you the live updates of the launch:

11.35 pm: All the guests say that he will stay more than 50 days.
11.25 pm: Dhanraj is the 18th contestant to enter the house. He is a voice-over artist and a struggling actor. He has given his voice for over 4000 cartoon movies. He has recently lent voice for Yash's KGF.

11.21 pm: She is the winner of Sudeep-hosted Pyate Hudugi Halli Life. She has worked in the movies like Power, Alemaari, Ayodhyapuram, Gharshane, etc. She has worked in television serials like Nethra and Chitte Hejje among few others.
11.14 pm: Nivedita says he will stay for 100 days, while the other two say it is difficult to stay more than three weeks.
11.08 pm: Anand is the 16 contestant to enter Bigg Boss Kannada 6. He is a BMTC bus conductor and hails from Yadgir.
11.01 pm: Shruti and Nivedita say that she might stay for 50 days, Arun Sagar says that he might stay for 25 days.
10.55 pm: Sneha Acharya is an actress, who made her debut with Josh. She is also a choreographer who has worked with Bollywood stars like Govinda, Shahid Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra among many others.
10.45 pm: Shruti and Shruthi say he might stay for 100 days, while Nivedita claims that he might be around for 50 days.
10.36 pm: Singer Naveen Sajju. He shot to fame with Lucia and has sung over 100 movies. He turned music director with Kanaka. Recently, his hit song is 'Yenne namdu' from the same film.
10.25 pm: Reema and Shashi enter the house.
10.18 pm: Reema is the 13th contestant to enter the house. She hails from Puttur and works in IT.
10.05 pm: Shashi Kumar is the 12th contestant. He is a farmer from Chikkaballapura. He claims that he is a progressive agriculturist who uses technology to yield good results. He is also a folk dancer.

9.57 pm: AV Ravi is a body-builder and has won the title Mr India seven times. He spreads anti-drug doctirine and endorses building, naturally. The 52-year old has worked in the role of villain in 130 movies. He has also worked as a nutritionist for the big South Indian stars that include Pawan Kalyan and Chiranjeevi. He is a recipient of Ekalavya Award.
9.48 pm: Haripriya performs on stage.

9.35 pm: Kavitha is inside the house now. Arun Sagar and Shruthi say that she might stay in the show for 50 days, while Nivedita feels that she would be here for 100 days.

9.24 pm: Popular TV actress Kavitha Gowda is entering the house as the 10th contestant. She shot to fame with Lakshmi Baramma serial on Colors Kannada. She has worked in Srinivasa Kalyana. She is currently working in Birbal Triology.
9.09 pm: Arun Sagar, Niveditha and Shruthi say that he has the potential to stay in the house for 100 days.
9.03 pm: He thanks Colors Kannada for giving an opportunity to be on the show.
9.01 pm: Adam Pasha: He belongs to LGBTQ community. He is a dancer and given performance in many countries including in the Europe. He is Bengaluru's first Drag Queen.
8.41 pm: RJ Rapid Rashmi is the eighth contestant. She enters the stage by dancing for Ábhimanigane Devru' song.

8.38 pm: All the three guests say that she might stay for three weeks.
8.18 pm: Rakshita Rai: She is a budding cricketer. She is big fan of MS Dhoni. She has left her family 8-9 years as they never encouraged her to pursue her dreams. She used to play for R Ashwin's club in Chennai.
8.08 pm: Shruthi advises Akshata to have patience. All the three guests feel that she might stay for 50+ days.
8.01 pm: Akshata Pandavapura is the sixth contestant to enter the house. She is a theatre artist.
7.56 pm: Arun Sagar predicts him to stay for 75 days. Nivedita says that it might be difficult for him, whereas Shruthi claims that he can stay for 50 days.
7.39 pm: Murali of Oggarane Dabbi fame is the fifth contestant. He has tasted 6000 types of food in his life. 

7.29 pm: While Shruthi and Nivedita feel that MJ Rakesh might stay for 50 days, Arun Sagar claims that he might enter till the last stage.
7.22 pm: MJ Rakesh is the fourth contestant. He is a radio jockey and emcee. The 35-year old is basically from Rajasthan.
7.17 pm: Jayasri enters the house. She has acted in over 40 serials that include Janani, Samagama, Manvanthara, Rathasapthami, Guptagamini and Punyakoti and Sahana. She hosted many TV shows and and acted in the movies Bhoothayanna Makkalu, Ninagagi, Dumbee and Smile.
7.03 pm: Popular TV actress Jayasri is the third contestant. She came to limelight with TN Seetharam's Mayamruga.
6.55 pm: Andrew aka Andy enters the house.
6.45 pm: Andrew hugs Sudeep on stage. He is a foodie and tells he might steal the food inside. He is a corporate trainer and motivational speaker.
6.43 pm: Andrew is the second contestant to enter the house. He is a foodie and makes it to the stage by dancing to a remix song of Jackie.

6.36 pm: Shruthi feels that she has the potential to stay at least 50 days. Nivedita claims that she looks bold, while Arun Sagar says that Sonu Patil would stay more than 50 days.
6.26 pm: She hails from -Bagalkote. She dreams to work as a heroine with him Sudeep someday.
6.17 pm: She is welcomed with 'Chutu chutu' song from Raambo 2.
6.15 pm: Sonu Patil is the first contestant. A daughter of poor farmer from Uttar Karnataka. She has studied journalism and aspires to work in film industry.
6.15 pm: Shruthi, Arun Sagar and Nivedita Gowda are the special guests of the Bigg Boss Kannada launch.
06.10 pm: Sudeep gets into the house and talks about the rooms, garden area and everything in detail.
06.03 pm: Kiccha explains why he is directly entering the house this time. He tells the viewers that the old house was burnt down and a new house have come up in the same place.
06.00 pm: Sudeep welcomed with a song from The Villain.

Going by the rumours, Suman Ranganathan, Kuri Prathap, Kavitha Gowda, Shubha Poonja, Anirudh, Ranjani Raghavan, KR Pete Shivaraj, Chanda Achar, dubsmash artiste Tulasi Prasad, Akshata Pandavapura, Channapa Huddar, Shalini Gowda and Murali Oggarane Dabbi fame are entering the house this season.

The contestants will be locked inside the house for 100 days and they will be completely disconnected from the outside world without new-age gadgets, phone, newspapers, etc. They will be given tasks on a daily basis and every week one contestant, generally, goes out of Sudeep's show.

The normal procedure of the elimination process is that the inmates will suggest two names for each week and the people with maximum votes will be pushed to the danger zone. However, the eviction happens based on the viewers' votes.

Bigg Boss Kannada will be shot in specially-erected sets in Innovative Multiplex on the outskirts of Bengaluru.

Vijay Raghavendra, Akul Balaji, Shruthi, Pratham and Chandan Shetty are the winners of five seasons of Bigg Boss Kannada.