Bigg Boss
A Screen grab from Bigg Boss: Hotstar

As usual, contestants in the Bigg Boss house started their day with some dance moves. At around 8.45 AM, Anoop Chandran started mocking Swetha Menon, and finally, the 'Kalimannu' actress shouted at Anoop to end the conversation. Later, Swetha complained about Anoop to Sabumon and made it clear that Anoop had spoiled the healthy relationship which existed between them.

After some time, Sreelakshmi conducted a mimicry session, and she imitated Aristo Suresh and Anoop Chandran in a very hilarious manner.

When best friends fight each other...

In the women's bedroom, Archana Suseelan and Ranjini Haridas were seen talking about the way in which the contestants are getting portrayed in front of the general public. Ranjini revealed that they are totally clueless about the way audiences are perceiving the character of contestants in the house.

In the next scene, Anoop Chandran fought with Sabumon and Aristo Suresh due to some tiff over Anoop's salary. However, Adithi interfered and made it clear that team members should follow the instructions of their captain.

Diya Sana's secret mission all set to tear apart the house

Bigg Boss later asked Diya Sana to come into the confession room. Diya Sana was later asked to complete a secret mission; that of disrupting the sale of hand bracelets. Bigg Boss also added that Diya Sana will be qualified to contest as the captain of the house if she succeeds in the secret mission.

Soon, Diya Sana started her attempts to create tiffs in between the contestants to disrupt bracelet sales. Making things worse, Diya argued with Aristo Suresh loudly, and during the heated argument, Suresh revealed that he does not like to talk with Diya.

Bigg Boss later revealed that the contestants have failed in the luxury task.

Hima Shankar and Diya suffering from psychiatric issues?

Later in the night, Adithi, Sabumon and Aristo Suresh gathered on the dining table. Adithi complained that Hima Shankar and Diya Sana have some mental blocks and her views were supported by both Sabu and Suresh. Adithi also alleged that Diya and Hima have poor mannerism as they even talk about the quantity of food a person eats.