Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli Mirza
Gautam Gulati, Ali Quli MirzaBigg Boss 8/ Facebook

Day 108 saw the Champions gang up against their teammate Gautam Gulati.

Ali Quli Mirza, who was part of a gossip session moderated by Rahul Mahajan and attended by Karishma Tanna, Pritam Singh and Dimpy Mahajan, challenged the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor to hit him adding that he was a 'fraud'.

Rahul, who in his conversation with the Champions looked desperate in his attempts to tarnish Gautam's image, said he was a big time womanizer and 'fake'. The listeners readily agreed to the Challenger's opinion of him adding that they have known him for long and are now irritated with his antiques.

Bringing back the topic, Ali referred to the discussion he had with Rahul wherein the latter said how Gautam is not what he is projecting himself to be. Furious at the allegations, the actor questioned the Challenger if he had said so, to which he responded with a no. The argument did die down but the cold war between the two continued.

However, this episode didn't go down well with the viewers as they thought Ali has been unnecessarily provoking co-contestants to get them to react violently. Gautam, however, was smart enough to take a back seat and say that he would not get into a tiff with him. Here are some tweets:

Mamta Khanna: useless ali . totally insecure with gautam as he was on 1st position and ali was on 5th position in last week voting .

Love is Life: Gautam knew plan of ali nd ali lost in his own plan...ali gauti ko zero banana chhata h bt khud zero ban gaya

Raju #GoGautam: Lol hahaha Ali is such scumbag trying 2provoke #Gautam n telling janta k GG wants2attack him. Abay idiot janta blind hai kiya?

Jaweria Ashishian: Can i seriously give Pritam and Ali a reality check? What are they trying to prove by targetting Gautam?? This is Bullshit

In other news, the Champions won the luxury budget task by claiming rights over living room, garden and bathroom area.