Gautam Gulati
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Day 107 in the "Bigg Boss 8" house witnessed the first Champions Vs Challengers task wherein both the teams had to steal fruits hung on the branches of two trees and put them away safely. The team with most number of fruits will have complete access to the garden area, while the losing batch would have to seek permission before setting foot in the yard.

Gautam Gulati, who has mostly been upfront about his opinions, got into trouble for warming up to the newcomers. Karishma Tanna and Ali Quli Mirza, who clearly cannot stand mister popular, stood in front of one of the many cameras installed in the house urging the viewers to take notice of how Gautam changed sides and failed to stick to his team. Interestingly, the "Diya Aur Baati Hum" actor was only having a fun conversation with the opponent team.

In other news, Rahul Mahajan, with whom Gautam bonded well ever since he entered the mad house, was spotted maligning his name during a conversation with Karishma, Ali, and estranged wife Dimpy.

In the official video, released by Colors, the Challenger called him a 'big time womaniser' adding that he has always had 'ashleel' (sleazy) things to say.

Fruther, the "Grand Masti" actress, who cannot stand the sight of him, was quick to respond to his allegations saying that housemates have been tolerating him for weeks. On the other hand Dimpy, who has been Gautam's close friend during the initial days, added he never respects the housemates. They then came to a conclusion that he is a major fraud and a fake person.

So are the housemates targeting Gautam yet again? Will they be successful in crushing his morale or will he come out of it stronger like before? Only time will tell.

Apart from the random banters, the day also saw interesting sets of tasks. The fruit-stealing task was thrilling so was the vegetable crushing game in which the Challengers won. Dimpy and Rahul were made to enter two barrels, respectively, and asked to crush the veggies and fruits in it.