Bigg Boss Wild Card Entry: Rare and Unseen Pictures of Renee Dhyani
Rare and Unseen Pictures of Renee DhyaniInstagram

Looks like  wild card entrant Renee Dhyani has lost all her friends inside the "Bigg Boss 8" house and fans outside. Renee along with Upen Patel played an important role in this week's luxury budget task called "App Task".

In the task, contestants were given an opportunity to use one of the apps presented before them to fulfil their wish, which included meeting a family member. Renee and Upen were the batteries for the "App Task" and they had to recharge the battery as and when it went down.

To keep the battery 100% charged, Renee and Upen had to perform some tasks. However, after the task Upen became the hero of the house, while Renee turned out to be the villain.

Renee refused to perform the task of changing her hair color to blond, as a result of which the battery level came down to 22% and Karishma Tanna was not able to meet her mother who travelled from Mumbai just to talk to her daughter.

"Bigg Boss" gave four options to Karishma – to get her make-up back, meet her mother, listen to what other inmates talked about her and fans reaction – and she selected the option of meeting her mother.

But since the battery was not sufficient to use the app, "Bigg Boss" asked Karishma to convince Renee to do the given task. However, when Karishma asked Renee, she denied it.

 "I am trying to keep everyone happy in the house, but still inmates are blaming me. When the entire house is being practical than how can I be emotional?" Renee told Karishma.

The entire house tried to convince Renee, but she refused to do the task. Her behaviour shocked everyone in the house and she also received flak from viewers who called her selfish.

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