Karishma Tanna and Gautam Gulati
Karishma Tanna and Gautam GulatiSnapshot from Bigg Boss video

Sources from Colors' hit show Bigg Boss 8 have slammed the reports that contestant Karishma Tanna was using cell phone inside the house of Bigg Boss Halla Bol. They say that in the photo she is seen with a packet of cigarette in her hand.

The couple of photos that went viral on social media on Monday evening sparked the speculations that Karishma Tanna apparently flouted a house rule that prohibits contestants from carrying a cellphone inside the Big Boss house. 

One of the two photos showed Karishma trying to hide something that looks like a cell phone. Another photo featured charger inside the smoking area of "Bigg Boss 8" house. Both the photos, which have gone viral online, made many viewers question the authenticity of the show.

But sources from the "Big Boss" have denied the claims, saying that it is a cigarette packet. "It's not a phone. It's not allowed inside the house. Plus there are mobile jammers inside, so if at all someone has a phone, they can't use it," Bollywood Life quoted the source as saying.

Another close source from Colors channel has slammed the reports terming them false claims. "The facts are not true and if one looks at the picture carefully then one would see that Karishma Tanna is holding a packet of cigarette in her hand," the source told IBN Live.

"Also what seems to be a mobile charger inside the smoking room is nothing but a trimmer charger. We find such reports frivolous and the viewers regularly watching the show can use their own discretion," the source added.

Here are some Twitter comments and photos featuring Karishma Tanna's hiding act.

RAJVIR ‏@469rajvir

#gutamgulati #karishmatanna why people think tht KT has phone inside the house? In video clip it is clear that she was hiding "candy box"

Rubina Huda ‏@angelicrubina

#bb8 shocking news: Karishma Tanna Caught with her #cellphone in smoking room. @biggboss @colorstv

Abby ‏@abbyAllOK

I have received this picture on whatsapp that people are using cell phone in #BB8 @ColorsTV @BeingSalmanKhan

Shashank Srivastav ‏@ishashankS

@karishma_tanna Cought having a mobile phone in the house.. Are you cheating on us @BiggBoss #BiggBossHallaBol #BB8

ΡคLคк คгjυи кคρσσг ‏@KokOAddict_9

Back to Back Bad Things are happening in @BiggBoss house! Ab ya phone charger ka kya scene hy? #BB8 TANNA VO KOI CANDY NAHI HY..we Know!

Fai❄️ ‏@_faaiiii

Apparently karishma tanna got caught with a cell phone what a cheating twat #bigbosshallabol #bb8 #KarishmaTannaCraze

Nitu ‏@Nitu_23

@_faaiiii Gaytam Ke super shit fan... I'm just telling you to open ur eyes, it's not a cellphone! Lol #BB8'