Bigg Boss 13 Salman Khan
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Salman Khan's Bigg Boss 13 has jumped into the TRP race and has acquired the ninth spot pushing The Kapil Sharma Show on the tenth spot. And since the controversial reality show is garnering enough viewership, the makers are now trying to convince Salman to extend his tenure on the show. However, owing to his busy shoot schedule of his upcoming film Radhe, Salman, perhaps, won't be able to do so and hence, might leave the show a bit early than expected.

"The performance of the show has been so good that it has edged out usual suspect Kapil Sharma to the tenth place, and is occupying the ninth slot now. Incidentally, Salman is the producer of The Kapil Sharma Show, so Colors asked Salman if he could possibly extend his tenure on the show and do a few more episodes, as they wanted to extend the show by a few more weeks."

"But Salman is slated to shoot for his next schedule of Radhe, which will be in international locations, and hence he has declined to do so. But the channel is persisting and still trying to get Salman reply in the affirmative," a source was quoted as saying by Deccan Chronicle.

It remains to be seen if Salman would agree to the frequent requests from the makers of Bigg Boss 13 to extend his shoot schedule.