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Last night's Weekend Ka Vaar was high on drama and some major schooling by Salman Khan to the contestants. The last week, when almost everyone got aggressive inside the house and pushed each other, has not gone down well with Salman Khan.

While talking to the housemates last night, Salman Khan said that this is the worst week in the history of Bigg Boss in terms of fights without provocation. He also added that earlier, the creative team of the show used to come up with games and tasks which used to make everyone fight But this time, it was all their own doing.

Bigg Boss 13, Siddharth Shukla, Tehseen Poonawala
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Salman's ire at creative team

During Sultaani Akhaada, Salman Khan wanted Sidharth Shukla and Asim to go to the akhada and fight it out but the creative team wanted him to send Himanshi Khurana and Shehnaz Gill instead, which further irked the actor.

He lashed out at the makers through the mic saying that they do not have a problem making two girls fight, but will not send two big men who have issues with each other to fight it out and end it there. He also said if Sidharth and Asim were to be sent to the akhada for a fight they would both finish it off for once and for all.

Salman threatens to throw Himanshi out

Salman also lashed out at Himanshi Khurana for pushing Shehnaz Gill without any provocation, twice. He said this is the first time he is seeing the makers keeping someone inside the house even after aggressive behaviour without any provocation. He added that had he been the maker of the show and if he had the power, he would have thrown out Himanshi from the show for this.

Salman Khan's reputation

Salman also said that he wouldn't get angry or shout at the housemates for their behaviour. He said that they don't care about their life or career after the show but he does and hence, does not want to tarnish the reputation he has built for himself over the years.