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The fast track to finale theme of Bigg Boss 13 this year seems to be giving us new jolts and shocks every week. After no elimination last week, this week saw double elimination where two surprising contestants were voted out. Koena Mitra and Daljeet Kaur have been evicted from the house. While netizens didn't react much to Daljeet's ouster, Koena's elimination has not gone down well with many.

Fans of the show and Koena accused Salman Khan of being partial towards Shehnaz Gill and also called Koena's ouster 'unfair'. Koena and Shehnaz had an altercation where Koena told Salman that Shehnaz mocks her inside the house. While Salman generally takes a fair stand, he stood by Shehnaz saying even Koena called her a servant.

Tweets and messages have poured in large numbers to call out unfair and undeserving elimination. Not just that fans have also demanded the show and the makers to bring back Mitra as she was one of the most reasonable contestants this season has ever seen.

On last night's episode, Salman even said that he finds Shehnaz entertaining but, Koena stood her ground and said that she doesn't think ridiculing and mocking someone is called entertaining. Many users have said that Shehnaz is smart and is just playing the innocent card to keep herself safe. Few have even said that they find her annoying and irritating.