Ameesha Patel, Salman Khan

This season of Bigg Boss with many twists and turns and guaranteed a full-on entertainment ride. One of the twists was the introduction of Ameesha Patel as the 'maalkin' of the house. Ameesha had appeared in the premiere and the first two episodes of the show to direct housemates to do the chores, play some games and impress her.

However, netizens were not too happy with Ameesha's entry. Within no time Ameesha had started trending on social media and fans demanded her ouster from the show. Netizens were not happy with Ameesha's 'overacting', 'bossy' and 'irritating' behaviour. 'Irritating', 'bossy', 'boring' and 'overacting' were some of the words used for her presence inside the house. Even the contestants didn't seem too excited or happy to see her every time she entered the house.

Motormouth Payal Rohatgi, who often grabs the headline for all the wrong reasons, was at the receiving end of Bigg Boss fans when she called some of the contestants jobless. "Ram Ram jiActors like #AmeeshaPatel #Koenamitra #RashmiDesai #SidarthShukla #AbuMalik all r #Jobless at present So they decided to do #BiggBoss13 for money. Others are irrelevant who just need fame so must have come free of cost. I was also #Jobless when I went to BB2," Rohatgi tweeted.

Ameesha Patel

Ameesha Patel has not re-appeared in the show after the first two episodes where she received immense flak and criticism. And now, a TOI report states that Ameesha Patel might not have been called back due to the negative criticism the show received due to her presence inside the house. When the daily contacted Ameesha, she remained unavailable for comments.

On the other hand, Ameesha has also been caught in a legal soup. In his statement, the complainant, Ajay Kumar Singh said, " A Ranchi court has issued an arrest warrant against Ameesha in a cheating and cheque bounce case as per a complaint by Ajay Kumar Singh. Ameesha Patel and her business partner Kunal had taken Rs 2.50 crore for making a film. They had assured to return the money after the release of the film in 2018. The film never released in 2018. When we approached Ameesha Patel for the money, she gave a cheque of Rs 3 crore, which bounced. Ameesha and her friend Kunal started ignoring my calls. The legal notice furnished by me was also not answered by the actress. I filed a complaint in the Ranchi district court last year. Now, the Ranchi court has issued a warrant against her."