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It has almost become a ritual for Salman Khan to walk out of the Bigg Boss show and threaten to quit it, every year. This Weekend ka Vaar episode was no different. On this weekend's episode too Salman got angry and at a female contestant and left the stage in a fit-of-rage. He threw his coat and walked off. While leaving the stage also added, "get someone else to do this."

While Salman's statement did raise eyebrows, fans were left wondering and worried if this time Salman would leave the show for sure this time. However, a Deccan Chronicle report states otherwise. The report says that though Salman Khan wants things to go in a particularly entertaining and respectful manner, there are times when the contestants don't listen to him which then irks the Khan. However, since he is bound by contract and has been paid a bomb, he won't be able to leave the show mid-way.

"Salman is being paid a bomb for the show. Yes, he has had apprehensions for a while. He doesn't like the way the show gets negative. As a superstar, he also wants to control the proceedings and it is not very pleasant when contestants take him on. He even walked out a few years back when he had a spat with Swami Om. But he will not quit the show as long as it runs," the report stated.

Priyanka Jagga, a contestant in the 10th season of the show annoyed everyone including Salman Khan. She broke all levels of stooping down and leveled dirty accusations at everyone. Time and again, she also used to get into nasty verbal fights with Salman Khan. In the end, Salman Khan asked her to 'leave my house'.Swami Om's negative comments on women and fake stories irked everyone.

Swami got into an argument with Salman Khan once a post which, Salman had walked out of the show asking Swami Om to 'keep talking'. For those who have been following Bigg Boss, Imam Siddiqui's 'time out Salman Khan' would always remain one of the most controversial moments of the show. Imam didn't allow Salman Khan to speak and correct him. Siddiqui kept saying 'time out' Salman until Salman lost his cool and walked off.