Krushna Abhishek, Arti Singh, Govinda

Let us take a look at some of the biggest controversies Bigg Boss 13 contestant Arti Singh has been embroiled in.

Battling depression: On the show, Arti Singh had revealed that despite being the lead in a hit show, she was not given any work for three years. One of the most vocal contestants this season, Arti Singh had revealed that this led to her going into depression.

The diva also revealed to the contestants that many times she even thought that there was no end to her miserable life and would often cry the whole night. She added that it was her brother Krushna, who stood by her rock-solid, and her own will power that made her come out of it.

She also said that when she realised the fact that her mother had passed away bringing her into the world, she refused to give up.

Affair with Sidharth Shukla: While there was no news of anything going between the two, ever since the duo entered the house, rumours of an affair they had outside the house have made several headlines.

Given up for adoption: Since Arti's mother passed away soon after her birth and her father's condition did not allow him to stay with all his children, she was adopted by another family member. 

"My maa died after giving birth to me. While my brother Krushna stayed with my father in Mumbai, I moved to Lucknow after I was adopted by my mother's sister-in-law. I could never get the love of my biological parents. It made me bitter, but I love my foster mother unconditionally. She has never made me feel that I am not her biological child. I am lucky to have a mom like her," Arti had once told TOI.

Inferiority complex: "I developed several complexes while visiting Krushna, Ragini and Tina (Govinda's daughter) as a child. I had an awful fashion sense and couldn't speak in English, something they were fluent in. There was a wide gap between us," she revealed in an interview with TOI.

"I would often feel like the odd one out with them. Also, I wasn't too well off and had to make do with whatever we could afford. From being pushed out of the frame by media as they wanted to click the more popular siblings -Krushna and Ragini, I am now acknowledged as his sister. Haven't I come a long way? My brother is everything for me and I am his only family," she said.