Neha Pendse
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Many viewers of Bigg Boss 12 are very upset with Neha Pendse's eviction, which they term it as unfair. They urged host Salman Khan and Endemol Shine India, producer of the show to bring her back.

Along with Karanvir Bohra, Neha Pendse was nominated for the elimination Bigg Boss 12 this weekend. Both are popular celebs and have more fan following than some contestants inside the house. Hence, some viewers were disappointed over their nomination. A few expected that among the two Karanvir would be shown the doors, but to their surprise, Neha was eliminated from the show.

Neha Pendse, who is one of the most popular Television actresses, entered the house of Bigg Boss 12 as an individual contestant. She is a sweet, cute, sensible, genuine and task queen. But her presence in the house was not so entertaining, as she never took a stand on any issue inside the house. She was often accused of following Dipika Kakar's strategies in the game. This apparently resulted in her eviction.

Neha Pendse's elimination came as a big disappointment for not just her fans, but also to the viewers, who did not like her. Some of them took to Twitter to express their outburst against Salman Khan, Colors and Endemol Shine India. They alleged that show is scripted, biased and TRP matters the most for its makers. Here are some of the Twitter comments that showed their anger against her eviction.

Neha Pendse
Neha PendseFacebook

Navneet GiLL‏ @GillStubborn

I am fan of #SrishtyRode and #Sreesanth but still i believe that it was unfair eviction of #NehaPendse She was deserving contestant...early eviction is shocking! #BB12 #ColorsTV

x-R‏ @xRnter

Deserving #NehaPendse was sent home for no reason we want Neha back. Bigboss season 12 maker's = bias , unfair n hypocrite. #BB12 #BiggBoss12 #ColorsTV #SalmanKhan

Shabbir foplankar‏ @BobbyFoplankar

Very unfair decision to evict Nehha #Biggboss12 #ColorsTV We want Nehha Pendse back, if commoners r given second opportunity, Neha is far more better than these commoners. She too deserves another chance in Bigg Boss 12 house. We love Nehha #NehaPendse

Upasana‏ @Upasana_sood

Bigg Boss jaise reality show ko q scripted show bnane Mei lge huye ho!!!? Neha was any time better than more than half of contestants at present in the BB house !!!!

Adi‏ @AKPanda87

Cmon @EndemolShineIND kal hi toh 72k ka trend karwaya tha. U need more proof of the viewers love. U do a polling of all ur contestants simultaneously or concurrent will see if they are able to create this wave. We Love Nehha we love nehha #NehaPendse @ColorsTV #BiggBoss12 #BB12

Gorav @AsYouNotThinks

Not a Neha fan But #NehaPendse is much-2 more deserving than most of the #BB12 housemate inside BB was very unfair in nominations of sree neha kvb While surbhi saba gets away even after doing physical violence TRP to irritating surbhi ki ladaiyo se nhi aaygi BB #BB12

♡ d.‏ @guccipaki

@ColorsTV @BiggBoss you made a huge mistake by evicting the most sweet, sensible, genuine, & task queen #NehaPendse we want her back. We Love Nehha

KUNAL.KS⏺‏ @kunal21999

Stop Watching such a biased Game. #BiggBoss12 is really biased game. Stop to wasting time by watching... #nehapendse is deserving to play game but the eviction is totally 100% decision of bigboss. Neha not evicted by less votes. #biasedBB12

Ruchi gupta‏ @Ruchi_Gupta2

She is not came #biggboss pushed her #unfair with #NehaPendse @ColorsTV @BiggBoss

Dr Akshay Thakur‍⚕️‏ @Iamakkithakur

Not a #NehaPendse fan though! But her presence made me stick to the tv She is so gorgeous, beautiful and happy chirpy all the time I don't understand if it's not her personality to fight unnecessarily and be cunning Why she should? She'll be missed the most! #BB12 #BiggBoss12

N ø b ó d y‏ @ImtiTong95

@BeingSalmanKhan often whine or admonish the contestants for their impudent aggressive behaviour and foul mouth so #BB12 decided to remove the most calm & prudent #NehaPendse. #BigBoss12

Laila⭐(LuvHolic)‏ @9aa6aa148166484

Wow its first trend for any bigg boss contestant this year.. Congrats #NehaPendse Fans for achieving 71.3k tweets I am not her Fan But she was so sweet and calm and sensible girl I wish her lots of success in the future♡