Neha Pendse

10.25 pm: Salman Khan finally announced that Neha eliminated from Bigg Boss 12 house and she will happily celebrate Dussehra. He also revealed that Anu Jalota and Sreesanth will re-enter house.

10.16 pm: Salman Khan now starts talking about the elimination. He reveals that Karanveer or Neha will be out from the show today. Salman says that the contestant who got less votes will go out from the house.

10.10 pm: The dance performance of Deenanath Sonali and Ved performs steadily, and housemates enjoy the whole show. Divyansh ask him to perform a particular step and he does. Later, Divyansh tries to do it and asks other housemates to do it. They struggle to do it.

10.00 pm: Deepak now sings a song upon Salman Khan's request. Deenanath Sonali and Ved come to the house, and perform some dance moves. Salman now takes a break.

9.55 pm: Divyansh now says that it is time to talk with Salman Khan sir. A contestant named Jayadev calls from Delhi and tells Saurabh to play the game with more involvement. Divyansh says that Bigg Boss house is now witnessing a tragic love story named Make up se Break up. Now, a team led by Anoop performs the tragic love story in front of the contestants. As Anoop and his team performs some breath taking dance moves, all the housemates start cheering, and appreciate the kids for their efforts.

9.30 pm: Salman Khan now says that the house will celebrate Navaratri today. A kid named Divyansh enters the house and performs some dance steps inside the house. Divyansh now acts like Salman Khan and talks to the contestants. Divyansh now invites Kishan and party to the house for a special dance performance. Kishan and party now starts dancing, and audiences enjoys the performance with joy.

9.25 pm: The second game starts. Deepika and Surbhi are now asked to bang a drum in tying position. Surbhi successfully bangs the drum. The second time too Surbhi defeated Deepika, and she earned two more points. At the end of the game, Surbhi successfully gained three points. Salman also gives a special power to Surbhi. Next week, Surbhi can directly nominate a contestant. Salman Khan asks Surbhi and Deepika to go out of the activity room. Deepika cries and informs Bigg Boss that she is slowly starting to learn the game.

9.22 pm: Deepika argues that Surbhi is a woman with aggression. As per Deepika, Surbhi is very loud in the house, and through this attitude, she is trying to build dominance over others. After the game, contestants votes in favor of Surbhi.

9.20 pm: Deepika says that Surbhi is such a person who fails to observe things perfectly. Surbhi replies that Deepika is playing the game of diplomacy. Surbi added that she is very much concerned to open up things perfectly in front of others. As per Surbhi, Deepika is playing a fake game. Deepika reveals that audiences are very much aware of her character. Deepika added that she has the guts to stick with her decision in front of all these cameras, and makes it clear that Surbhi lacks this quality.

9.18 pm: Salman Khan is now back in the floor. He says that either Neha Pandse or Karanvir Bohra will be eliminated from the house. Salman now starts talking with the contestants and reveal that the verdict will be decided by the audiences. Salman asks Surbhi and Deepika to come to the activity room where a game named 'Sultani Akhada' is going to be played.

9.15 pm: Jasleen Matharu names Urvashi as the weakest contestant, while Sourabh Patel named Neha. The session continues, and contestants are now naming the weakest contestants inside the Bigg Boss 12 house. Kajol reveals that Sourabh has got the maximum votes as the weakest contestant inside the house. Kajol asks everyone to play well, and she exits the house. Kriti Verma and Sourabh talk about the contestant who is weak.

9:10 pm: Housemates now perform dance programs and comedy skits for Kajol. The skit performed by Deepak Thakur and Urvashi Vani impress Kajol to the core, and she congratulates them for the effort. In the meantime, Sreesanth and Anup Jalota watches the show from the secret room. Kajol asks Karanvir Bohra to name the weakest contestant inside the house. Karanvir says the name of Urvashi.

9:05 pm: Salman Khan entered the floor. He interacts with kids, and asks them to enter the house. The camera now zooms into the house. Bollywood queen Kajol now enters the house, and she starts interacting with the housemates. She asks whether the housemates have planned some special programs to welcome her.

Neha Pendse has reportedly been evicted from Salman Khan-hosted TV show Bigg Boss 12, while Karanvir Bohra remains safe from the danger zone of elimination.

Neha Pendse and Karanvir Bohra were nominated for the elimination Bigg Boss 12 this weekend. Salman Khan appeared on Saturday's episode of Weekend Ka Vaar and was seen grilling the contestants for their violent performance on the show, but he reserved the announcement of eviction for the Sunday episode. The promo aired as the show hinted that Karanvir Bohra would bid adieu to the show this weekend.

But if we are to go by the latest reports, the audience will witness Neha Pendse's exit from Bigg Boss 12 tonight. The actress, who entered the show as an individual contestant, will be joining the league of eliminated contestants like Kriti Verma, Roshmi Banik and Nirmal Singh. But the viewers have to wait for Salman Khan's official announcement about it.

Neha Pendse is one of the most popular Television actresses, but her presence in Bigg Boss 12 is not so entertaining so far. She was never seen taking a stand on any issue inside the house and she was often accused of following Dipika Kakar's strategies in the game.

Salman Khan apparently gave her suggestions to amp up her game, but she failed to intrigue the audience. It is speculated that she might make a comeback in popular demand.