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Even though Sreesanth is having a great time inside the Bigg Boss 12 house, controversies don't seem to be coming to an end anytime soon for the cricketer. While we saw Sreesanth as a nervous-wreck during the first two weeks, he showed different versions of his personality as the weeks progressed. From being a nervous wreck to a cry-baby, a funnyman to a loving husband; Sreesanth has shown us some unique streaks of his personality.

In a free-wheeling chat with the housemates, Sreesanth had said that he was in love with his wife for seven years before tying the knot. He fondly spoke about how she was with him and agreed to marry him when the country had turned its back on him.

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Now, actress Nikesha Patel, who claims to have dated Sreesanth, has raised some objections to his statements about his wife in an interview to Bangalore Times.

The actress, who has done some notable work in films like Varadhanayaka, is upset over Sreesanth completely dismissing their relationship.

"I've not met Sreesanth after the break-up, but I have been watching him on Bigg Boss. Sreesanth claimed on national television that he was in love with Bhuvneshwari for seven years before he got married to her," she said.

"This makes me wonder, why was he in a live-in relationship with me for over a year around that time. In the past five years, I have quietly moved away from it all, after the break-up. But, I have not really been able to move-on from the relationship, as I have many unanswered questions," she added

Patel has also added that Sreesanth doesn't respect women as much as he pretends to in the house. She further elaborated that he is projecting a fake personality within the house and is not being even a bit of his real self.

It remains to be seen if Sreesanth or Bhuvneshwari will react to these allegations.