A Screenshot from Bigg Boss 12

Sreesanth, the former Indian cricket team fast bowler has been embracing some weird game tactics after his re-entry to the Bigg Boss 12 house last weekend. Since then, it has become tougher and difficult to figure out what exactly is going in the mind of Sreesanth. With his unpredictable moves, especially against most liked contestants in the house, he is earning a lot of dislike from his fans on social media platforms.

Recently, he successfully shaped all the contestants against Dipika Kakkar, but finally, approached her and made amends. During a task, Sreesanth blatantly supported Dipika Kakkar, and when Surbhi questioned, Sreesanth replied that his feud with Dipika is an old story.

At one point in time, Sreesanth spat on Deepak Thakur's name during the task to erase his name from the board, thus allowing Dipika to win the task easily. After the completion of the task, Deepak Thakur broke down, and it might have surely evoked sympathy in the minds of the audiences.

Sreesanth's unexpected soft side towards Dipika has irked many, and most of the housemates are totally clueless about what is going on in the mind of the former belligerent pacer.

In the meantime, Surbhi has called Sreesanth the most unstable person she has ever met in her life. Surbhi has also succeeded in making other housemates be aware of Sreesanth's weird character. Now, in the Bigg Boss 12 house, Sreesanth is slowly emerging as a weak contestant, and his fate inside the house is solely dependent on his behaviour in the upcoming few days.

After watching Sreesanth's attitude over the past four days, fans of Bigg Boss 12 are urging the game authorities to evict Sreesanth at any cost. These fans believe that Sreesanth is playing an unfair game, and he is there in the house just to elevate the tiffs between the housemates.