Anup Jalota and Jasleen
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The journey of Bigg Boss 12 Hindi's most vichitra jodi Anup Jalota and his girlfriend, Jasleen Matharu, came to an end on last night's episode of weekend ka vaar. Jasleen is, however, unaware that Jalota has not exited but instead has been shifted to the adjacent house from where he would be watching all the housemates throughout the day through secret cameras.

Jasleen's decision to stay inside the house and Jalota's decision to exit made many heads turn last night. Even the housemates were left in shock with this sudden upheaval.

Romil Chaudhary and Deepak Thakur were seen talking about Jasleen and Anup's relationship later at night. Deepak added that he was shocked to see Jasleen being so calm and not shedding a single tear. He also added that the way she decided not to persuade Jalota to stay in the house spoke volumes about her real intentions.

The duo was later seen talking about a conversation Jasleen had with Romil, where she wanted to know the property rights of a woman who has been in a live-in relationship and is not married. Even though the conversation wasn't clear, we heard Romil delve deeper into the topic and said she had even asked him if 3.5 years (the duration of Jasleen and Jalota's relationship) holds any ground in the legal course of action.

However, Romil was also of the opinion that Jasleen wanted to show the audience her other side and stay safe from elimination and hence used this tactic. He went on to say that she might not have meant it but could have said it as a part of her game strategy.

Well, we would be glad if Jasleen said all this just to fool the Bigg Boss audience into making her stay in the house longer and didn't mean it in reality.