Sreesanth in Bigg Boss 12
Sreesanth in Bigg Boss 12Colors TV Twitter

"Shame on Bigg Boss", "Bigg Boss cheated viewers" have been trending on Twitter ever since the reports of Sreesanth being declared as the winner of the 12th season of the controversial reality show.

Disappointed viewers have been accusing the makers of Bigg Boss 12 of being biased since the beginning and making Sreesanth the winner of the season. They have been slamming Bigg Boss 12 for playing with their emotions by manipulating viewers with their dirty 'scripted' game just to raise the Television Rating Point (TRP) of the show.

According to The Khabri, Karanvir Bohra and Romil Chaudhary have been eliminated from the Bigg Boss 12 finale race narrowing down the top 3 finalists to Deepak Thakur, Dipika Kakkar and Sreesanth.

Many viewers have been calling out Bigg Boss 12 of making Sreesanth their fixed winner of the season by being partial to him for 104 days and called it the worst season ever.

"The most loved reality show it used to be now @BiggBoss is just scripted show and nothing else where they don't consider people's Votes and emotions. This season they have crossed all the limits of biasednes," an angry viewers wrote on Twitter.

In a attempt to protest against the biasedness of the show, viewers started trending "#BBCheatedViewers", "#FixedWinner" on Twitter. And it has now taken the social media platform by storm where viewers have been venting out their anger and sharing their disappointment with the show.

It is also being said that Deepak and Sreesanth will remain the top 2 finalists and Sreesanth would be announced as the winner of Bigg Boss 12 by host Salman Khan.

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