Bigg Boss Twitter

With just a day left for the finale, social media has been flooded with Bigg Boss 12 updates, speculations and views. While many people are hailing Sreesanth as a fixed winner of the show, there are many who believe its Dipika Kakar who has the maximum votes.

Amidst all this, a particular report left us completely shocked. There have been reports of Sreesanth not being a part of the show anymore and the cricketing legend having left the show.

As per a report in LatestLy, Sreesanth's fan page had tweeted out a story saying that Sreesanth jumped the wall of the house and ran away from there a day before the finale. The story said that Sreesanth did it, following a verbal argument with Deepak Thakur.

The website also claims that the tweet has now been deleted. However, as per them, the post read, "SHOCKING news: Sreesanth & Deepak got into ugly fight..Sree couldnt control & jumped from the house..Talking to media #BiggBoss12 #BiggBoss #bigboss #BB12 #salmankhan #colorstv #dipikakakar #srishtyrode #sreesanth #nehhapendse #nehapendse #karanvirbohra #khansisters #jasleenmatharu #romilchaudhary #romilchoudhary #meghadhade #rohitsuchanti #deepakthakur #anupjalota #sabakhan #somikhan."

Sreesanth eliminated

Owing to the speculations, even Bhuvneshwari Devi, Sreesanth's wife, took to Twitter to quash the reports and said that Sreesanth is still in the house. However, she didn't clarify whether he actually had run away from the house or not.

In this season of Bigg Boss, fans haven't been able to deduce who could possibly win the show or has the maximum potential to do so. With just a day left, the excitement and anticipation amongst the fans and viewers know no bounds.