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09.55: Her bitter-sweet friendship with Sreesanth, Shoaib's entry into the show, her anger, her funny moments; Dipika breaks down upon seeing her journey. 

09.50: Romil thanks Bigg Boss for the video and says he is proud of the journey he has had. Dipika is the next one to be shown the video. 

09.40: Romil Chaudhary is the next one to be brought into the video room. Bigg Boss takes him through his journey which comprises of happy club, his relationship with Somi Khan, his wife's entry into the house and the fall out of the happy club. 

09.30: From his friendship with KV, Dipika nominating him, fight with Surbhi, Bhuvneshwari's entry to being sent to the kaal-kothri; Sreesanth breaks down upon seeing his journey inside the house. 

09.25: Bigg Boss praises KV on playing the game like a commoner, leaving behind his star status. Sreesanth is called to the video room next and shown a video on his journey and audience reaction. 

09.20: Karanvir is shown a video describing his journey inside the house. From his friendships, fights, pranks to bromance - everything is shown in the clip which makes KV laugh, get angry and later, cry. 

09.15: Bigg Boss says that just like a firecracker, Deepak has contributed a lot in brightening up the house. Deepak thanks Bigg Boss for giving him this chance. Karanvir Bohra is the next one to be called into the house.

09.10: Bigg Boss takes Deepak through his entire journey inside the house through a video. From his naughtiness, his flirtatious behavior with Somi, happy club, his worst fights, betrayal, meeting with his dad; Deepak breaks down upon seeing the clip. Bigg Boss praises him for his unforgettable journey. 

09.05: Salman Khan tells us that even he doesn't have any idea about who would win the grand finale tomorrow. Deepak is called to the activity room first where he gets to watch a video of the audience praising and commending him. Seeing the video, he breaks down.

With just one day to go for the Bigg Boss 12 finale, the top five housemates - Romil Chaudhary, Deepak Thakur, Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Dipika Kakkar; re-live their journey in the house.

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