Neha Pendse

This season of Bigg Boss has come with its fair share of ups and down for the contestants. The roller-coaster journey has managed to bring out the best and sometimes, the worst out of their personalities.

After the shocking captaincy task in which Surbhi Rana crossed all limits and went on to pull Srishty's hair and make her fall; Bigg Boss announced the disqualification of both Surbhi and Shivashish from the game.

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And now in another twist, Bigg Boss will announce a surprise eviction of one contestant from the three nominated celebrities – Sreesanth, Karanvir Bohra and Nehha Pendse. The news would definitely come as a major shocker to the housemates. While few would come out in support of those nominated, others wouldn't spare anyone of them before their exit.

It would be interesting to see who among the three contestants would be shown the door tonight as all three are equally engaging. Even though Sreesanth continues being a cry-baby, a quitter or someone who loses his cool at the drop-of-a-hat, there's no denying that he does bring in some spice to the show.

And, ever since Karanvir has decided to non-diplomatic, his real personality has been heavily appreciated by the housemates and audience alike. We feel the only weak link amongst the three is Nehha Pendse who has time and again been reminded by Salman Khan and other celebrities who have entered the house of her unseen presence in the house matters.

It was only after the repeated taunts by Salman and other celebs that Nehha has tried to up her game. Even though she hasn't been able to play mind games as cleverly as Dipika, if given some more time she might reach there.

We can't even rule out the possibility of tonight's evicted contestant joining Anup Jalota in the secret room. If that happens, the game would go a notch higher in terms of content. We have already seen Anup Jalota sitting in the secret room disturbed with the sudden change in Jasleen's behaviour post his exit.

Let's see what in the fate of the contestant who gets evicted tonight!