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Big Bang's G-Dragon, who is fulfilling his mandatory military service, has been in news since the time he was hospitalised for ankle surgery at the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital in South Korea. Latest reports claim that the rapper was forced out of the hospital room.

According to Osen media, the rapper was still receiving treatment when he was moved out of the room and was taken to the Cheolwon Division Medical Center without his or his legal guardians' approval. When the hospital was asked about the same, the representative told Osen media that, "Please inquire the Ministry of Defense for specific details."

G-Dragon's agency YG Entertainment said that they are trying to understand the situation and whether he was forced to leave the hospital or not. "We are in contact with his family to confirm the news about G-Dragon being forced to leave the Yangzhou Armed Forces Hospital. Currently, G-Dragon is a soldier, so we don't know specific details," the agency said in a statement.

The rapper's hospitalisation has caused controversy after some accused him of receiving special treatment. G-Dragon was admitted to the hospital after his ankle injury worsened during the military training.

Reports suggested that the rapper was admitted to a one-person room which is generally reserved for colonels. The room has special facilities, including air-conditioning, a refrigerator and TV.

However, denying the special treatment allegation, YG Entertainment and the Ministry of Defense spoke in supporting of G-Dragon.

"There was no special treatment, there is no room for colonels at the hospital, and he was hospitalized following the normal procedure," the agency said.

"Since before his enlistment, G-Dragon expressed pain due to a dislocated shoulder and sprained his ankle constantly during the world tour, and his condition worsened further during military training," the agency added.

G Dragon
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