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Rumours about G-Dragon and Japanese model/actress Nana Komatsu have been rife ever since his private Instagram account got hacked. The BIGBANG member's social media account, which includes pictures of him and the model along with several of their friends, has impelled fans to think that they are dating.

However, several Japanese media outlets claim that Nana is already dating actor Masaki Suda, leading many to wonder if she cheated on her boyfriend.

A Live Door News report questioned the veracity of the rumours surrounding Nana and the Bae Bae rapper. Furthermore, the report read, "Isn't Nana Komatsu's boyfriend Masaki Suda?" 

Earlier, we reported that Nana and Masaki are known as an unofficial celebrity couple in Japan. The two reportedly fell in love while acting in Drowning Love. However, Japanese media outlet, CyzoWoman (via Soompi) claimed, "If you think about the time the photo [with G-Dragon] was taken, the possibility of Nana Komatsu cheating cannot be excluded."

So far, it isn't confirmed if the actress cheated on Masaki or if she's even dating G-Dragon. To be sure, her pictures with G-Dragon depict their friendship and the fact that they share a lot of mutual friends. However, it isn't yet confirmed if they are indeed together.

Although G-Dragon didn't issue a statement about the hacking incident, his agency, YG Entertainment vowed to take legal action against those responsible for this. 

The entertainment company's statement read, "We will be filing complaints against not only the hacker, but those who spread malicious rumours. These are measures to prevent additional invasions of artists' privacy, which crossed the line and broke the law. YG has already asked media to refrain from using G-Dragon's leaked photos."