An entrepreneur and farmer from Maharashtra has bought a helicopter worth Rs 30 crore to transport milk for sale and expand his dairy business across the country.

He said that the helicopter would make his work more convenient. He told reporters that he needs the helicopter for his farming and his dairy business and therefore decided to go for it.

janardhan bhoir

Janardhan Bhoir is also a builder and has recently started out in the dairy business. For this, he has to travel across the country to states like Haryana, Punjab, Gujarat, Rajasthan and others.

Most of the places he travels to do not have airports of their own and therefore, he would have to travel for long hours. He decided to purchase the helicopter after his friend suggested.

The helicopter was sent to Bhoir's village for a trial run recently. He took the village panchayat and some other villagers for a ride in his helicopter too.

The helicopter will be delivered to Bhoir on March 15. He is planning to build a helipad on a 2.5 acre land with a protective wall around it. The property will have a garage for the helicopter, a pilot room and a technician room. Bhoir apparently has property worth Rs 100 crore, according to reports.

Janardhan also owns many warehouses and earns good money from the rent along with the real estate business.